5 Effective Strategies to Increase Digital Adoption In Your Organization

When it comes to the adoption of new technologies, many companies struggle to get employees on board. User adoption is one of the biggest challenges organizations face when implementing new technology. Even if you manage to overcome all the other challenges, user adoption is particularly difficult because everyone has different expectations of what technology can do for them and their company. There are many ways of overcoming these challenges. For instance, if you want to increase adoption for Office 365 you might want to use a Digital adoption platform for Microsoft.

In this blog post, we’ll talk about how you can increase user adoption in your organization and make your users happier with your technology choices.

Build a Culture of Adoption

Successful digital transformation depends on the commitment and enthusiasm of your employees. When employees are excited about their work, they are more likely to adopt technologies that will improve their work processes. If you want your employees to adopt new technologies, you need to create an environment where it feels as though it’s normal and expected to use them.

Make it safe and easy for your employees to try new tools and experiment with new ideas. If your company culture is one in which employees are expected to resist change, then it will be even more challenging for them to adopt new technologies.

Invest in Hardware & Software Upgrades

Companies that provide frequent upgrades to their technology have significantly increased adoption rates. If you have a choice, invest in upgrading your technology to the latest version. Employees using outdated computers and software won’t see the benefits of new technologies.

Upgrading your technology allows employees to work with the tools they need to do their jobs. It also allows your employees to get more done and feel more comfortable with the technology they use.

Moreover, upgrading software allows you to access the latest features and functionality within your business applications. On the other hand, upgrading hardware allows your employees to use the latest and most powerful computer. 

Conduct User Research

When making decisions about which technologies to implement, you must conduct user research. User research helps you understand your users’ needs and expectations of the technology. As you conduct research, you’ll want to look at the needs of your users from three angles:

Business Need: What are users trying to do?

Usability: How easy is it for your users to accomplish what they want to do?

Involve Your Employees in Decisions

When implementing new technologies, you should involve your employees in the decision-making process. When you involve your employees in the decision-making process, they are more likely to adopt technologies that are relevant to them.

You can encourage employee adoption by allowing them to vote on choices for technologies they would like to see implemented. You can also create employee-focused groups where employees can share their experiences with new technologies and other employees.

Add Value to the Workplace through Collaboration

As a business executive, you can encourage your employees to adopt new technologies by adding value to their work experiences. When an employee uses new technology, you can give them the experience of collaborating with their colleagues in a new way. It can encourage more user adoption because it creates positive feelings about the technology. To encourage collaboration, you can incorporate the latest collaboration tools into your organization.


Digital adoption can be challenging for any company. When implementing new technologies, you must consider your employees’ needs, their workflows, and the new tools available to them. By incorporating these strategies into your digital transformation strategy, you can increase user adoption and make your employees happier with your technology choices.

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