8 Things to Know Before Going For Advertising Translation

Advertising Translation
8 Things to Know Before Going For Advertising Translation

Translation services for marketing and advertising content are often termed as transcreation too. It is a creative form of translation and this type of translation is carried out quite vigilantly to make sure that the original and intended meaning does not get lost in the literal translation.

The advertising content often comes up with creative language, using puns and symbolism with a particular and implied meaning. Furthermore, a variety of different stylistic techniques are also the main essence of advertising translation services. The translators make sure that they are free to adapt a message and ensure the intended emotional response comes from the target audience.

Marketers who are into the promotion of international brands and seek advertising translation services also need to understand the limitations. They need to realize direct translation and transcreation are evident for content that has any connections with the creative language. The owners and marketers who intend to tap foreign markets with their products and content need to understand certain facts before actually diving into the process or assuming things.

Creative Language Vanishes in Transcreation

The owners need to understand that creative language experiments with words and ideas and the creativity might get lost. It gets tricky for the transcreators to take care of the whole content in terms of advertising. This is one of the main facts that they should be aware of and hence, should be flexible about the translation.

Advertising Message Requires Transcreation

The advertising and marketing content does not get along with the translation but asks for the transcreation. The transcreations need a creative space so that the team can translate the content to a target language with the intended meaning which is more important. It may differ from the literal meaning most of the time.

Transcreation is Different from Plain Translation

People often assume that the translation of the advertising content is as simple as other general text. However, though the translation of marketing content and copywriting has become one of the norms, transcreation addresses the content as a whole and it does not translate the content literally. A lot of text in the advertising content cannot be translated such as ideas, symbols or visuals, and sounds. Also, it is significant that you hire a local translation and advertising agency to perform the task more accurately. For instance, a local Chinese translation agency should be your primary choice to translate content into the Chinese language.

Audience Response should be the Prime Focus

A thorough research on the target region should be the first step. Once you know the market norms, and their preferences you’ll be able to put that message in the translation of advertising content in a better and more effective manner. Thus the audience response would be another important factor that might help in shaping the transcreation. Also, the desired response from the target audience can only be achieved by working on the quality of the translation.

The Original Message may Change

The advertising text in the original language could be different in the process of translation. The owners and marketers have to be ready and open about it. The transcreated version often comes up differently from the original message. This is why the owners should be ready. They can either receive the same response from the audience or the response could also be different depending on the reception of the content and advertising message.

Cultural Factors have a Strong Impact

Marketers and owners should never overlook the importance of cultural factors in their advertising campaigns. The ads and marketing companies need to be super appropriate culturally. One thing which is openly discussed in one region can be taboo in other regions. Therefore, ignoring the cultural factors can ruin their whole effort and spark the conflict among masses and they can ban or block the products by registering their protest. The marketing message is often full of relevant symbolism, wordplay, and other stereotypes that could be linked with cultural and social backgrounds. These can either be totally ineffective in the target language or people may get offended and find them inappropriate culturally. However, if the content is coming from the Spanish language to translate into the English language, you should make sure that you seek professional English translation services to keep the content in the proper format.

Tone, Voice, and the Stylistic Changes

The plain translation can not go well with the advertising text and it fails to keep the essence intact. However, with the transcreation, the original tone can be preserved. The voice and style of the original message can get fixed with creative liberty and freedom. Also, these factors may vary with the region and target market hence, the owners should be prepared accordingly. The stylistic changes differ with the languages. Though the styling is easy in the English language, it could be different and tough in the Spanish language.

Shorter Messages are Tough to Deal

Apparently, people consider short messages easy to translate and convert. However, when it comes to the slogans or headings it gets tough to translate these. As it may contain creative and emotional language which makes the transcreation even harder. It also gets different with different languages. Chinese for instance, is a tonal language and comes with a number of characters, English on the other hand, is a precise language. The sentence difference between Chinese and English is also poles apart. Therefore, the messages could ask for little flexibility and adaptability as per the context and the markets should be fine with it.


Translation of the advertising content is a serious and complex task. It requires more than language proficiency. The translators have to transcreate the content as per the requirements. However, the owners and marketers should be mindful of certain facts before indulging in the translation of advertising content.

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