8 Things You Should Know Before Applying For MBBS in UK

8 Things You Should Know Before Applying For MBBS in UK
8 Things You Should Know Before Applying For MBBS in UK


The United Kingdom is making progress in a variety of fields, including healthcare. The United Kingdom has also made significant investments in its educational system to ensure that both its citizens and international students receive a high-quality education. Here in this article, you read about 8 things you should know before applying for MBBS in UK.

Value of MBBS Degree from the UK

An MBBS degree is one of the most sought-after degrees in the United Kingdom. By combining affordability and exceptional educational quality, an MBBS in the UK degree can actually improve your future.

What Should You Know Before Applying to MBBS Programs in UK?

Make a Financial Plan Before You Arrive

The United Kingdom is one of the most affordable countries in the world for medical students. The tuition is extremely low. According to overseas education consultants for MBBS, tuition in the United States and several European countries can be nearly half the price. The low price is the result of government subsidies. Apart from low tuition, the cost of living is also low. Both residents and visitors can afford housing and food.

You can use our cost of living calculator to find out how much it costs to live in the cities of the United Kingdom.

UK’s Universities Are Climbing the Ranks

Colleges in the United Kingdom are rapidly expanding, and the quality of education on offer is now world-class. Several factors contribute to improved educational quality. One possible explanation is that some of the university’s teaching staff received their MBBS from world-class universities in the United States and Europe. They then went to the United Kingdom to further their education.

Collaboration in research among universities from various countries is another factor that contributes to high educational quality. It brings together researchers from various universities to share their findings. The exchange student program offered by some UK colleges is a critical component.

Medical Colleges in the UK for MBBS

If you study MBBS in the United Kingdom, you will be eligible to take your medical license exam in the majority of countries without additional study. You will also be able to start working in hospitals in the UK as well as other countries such as Australia and the United States right away. The top MBBS programs in the UK include those at the University of East London, the University of Worcester, and Keele University.

Traditional UK Medicine Will Be Taught to You

Traditional UK medicine will be taught as part of the English-language MBBS program. This is part of the MBBS program’s study of British culture. Your treatment options will be more diverse because Traditional UK Medicine is practiced in different parts of the world.

You May Be Eligible for a Scholarship for MBBS in UK

International students who enroll in the MBBS program in the United Kingdom may be eligible for scholarships. Scholarships are available based on your educational institution and city. Scholarships for international students include the following:

  • UK’s Local Government Scholarship
  • UK’s Government Scholarship
  • Enterprise Scholarship
  • University Scholarship

You Must Learn UK’s

It is not necessary to be familiar with the UK to begin the program. However, as you progress through the MBBS program, you will be expected to learn the language. If you choose to do your internship in the UK, you must be able to communicate with patients.

Some universities in the UK teach the program in the final years of the MBBS degree. Passing the UKCAT (UK clinical aptitude test) or BMAT (biomedical admissions test) is usually required before graduating.

There Are Numerous Internship Opportunities Available

After completing your MBBS program, you will have the option of interning in the UK or another country. If you choose to intern in the United Kingdom, you will have access to a variety of resources. Most universities have hospitals on campus. The university helps students get clinical experience by placing them in hospitals.

Internships are conducted under the supervision of physicians. Most hospitals have cutting-edge medical equipment.

The student-teacher ratio at UK universities and colleges is 10:1. The opportunity to learn in small groups is another compelling reason for encouraging students to study there. The cost of MBBS education and housing in Singapore is significantly lower than that of universities in other European and Asian countries. Students pursuing MBBS in the UK are not required to take a selection test. So, why look elsewhere when the UK has so many medical schools? Studying abroad for an MBBS degree will provide you with the best medical education possible.

Because the United Kingdom is located above India, the temperature in the country is lower. The students may struggle at first to adjust to the UK’s climatic conditions, but they gradually adjust. Some northern regions of the United Kingdom experience extremely harsh winters and students who are prone to winter illnesses should avoid attending institutions in such areas. Students can attend universities in the Shanghai area, where the climate is stable and accommodating to Indian students.

UK is Fantastic

Aside from studies, the United Kingdom has some beautiful cities. Many people visit Hangzhou, which is located on the coast of the United Kingdom. You can tour historic structures, sample traditional cuisine, and get to know the locals.

One of our medical students who study MBBS with study in UK consultants at Meridean Overseas said, “You simply need to know some basic UK to survive here.” “You’ll meet some really interesting people who will take you out to dinner every now and then.” They are extremely friendly and enjoy meeting new people. You can travel around the United Kingdom and see how beautiful and culturally diverse it is.”

You will not only interact with and make friends with people from all over the world, but you will also meet friendly UK residents. “Before coming to the UK, I never imagined I would have Pakistani friends, African friends, Canadian friends, Norwegian friends, or Korean friends, but now I do and I love it,” said the same student.

It May Be Difficult To Adjust, But It Is Worthwhile!

While studying in the UK will be a fantastic experience for you, making adjustments may be difficult at first. Depending on where you are from, it may be difficult to adjust to the various types of food available, as well as the language and culture. With time and a positive attitude, you will adjust and come to appreciate the location.

To help you adjust, you can try UK food in your home country or read about their culture and the experiences of other foreigners who have moved to the UK.

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