A 5-Point Guide To Using Vape Kits Correctly


At a glance, vaping may seem like a straightforward process – Press, Puff, and Pass. But it is, in fact, a rather sophisticated process that requires developing a lot of understanding even before you begin. On the surface, you should start by exploring the many different device options available. And as you move further, you need to build a deeper understanding of the right techniques, accessories like coils, liquids, flavors, add-ons, and other critical aspects that influence your vaping experience.  

And that is when a vape kit can come in handy. Whether a novice user or an experienced enthusiast, vape kits combine every element you need for your journey in a simple package. They are an all-in-one solution for all your vaping needs, as they may contain the vape pod, tank, battery, and charging cable in a single unit. While vape kits are pretty simple, it is essential to understand the appropriate ways to work with them optimally for the best value. So here is a brief 5-point guide to using vape kits correctly.  

Point 1  

Setting Up The Kit 

The basic step to ensure you properly use your vape kit is to know how to prepare your device. Vape kits come in complete packaging, and you need to get them ready to start vaping. So start by removing the setup from the package and check all the parts.  

You can fill the tank quickly if you plan to get CBD disposable vape kits online. Otherwise, you need to refill the tank with e-liquid or dry herb based on the vaporizer model. In the case of a vape pen, you may have to load the cartridge directly. Read the instructions on the provided package to understand the correct process to load or refill the device.  

Remember to choose e-liquid compatible with your vape kit to get the best experience. While filling the tank, keep in mind the maximum capacity mark indicated in the tank. It helps create the necessary vacuum when you close the setup for better drag. Your device is now all set up.  

Point 2  

Preparing The Kit 

An important step to learn as you learn vaping is priming. Sometimes even experienced vapers ignore this critical step that could cost them the entire experience. The wick is still fresh and dry when you have a new device or a new coil installed in the vape kit. Lighting it up after refilling the tank will cause it to burn out. Therefore, preparing the wick and coil by soaking it in the e-juice is necessary for a quality vaping experience.  

For this, add a few drops of the e-juice to the coil area and let it soak for a couple of minutes. It will prepare your kit to transfer heat to the wick and create exceptional vapors gradually.  

The next step for preparation is changing the heat settings. Starter vape kits tend to come with one optimal setting without much room for customization. But as you continue to vape, you may work with kits offering temperature settings. Adjusting this appropriately to suit the setup and liquid combination can make much difference to your vaping experience. Check the manual for the average temperature range and try maintaining this level. Remember, too low a temperature causes poor vapor production but too high could burn the coil. So find the sweet spot for your kit and relish the juices.  

Point 3  

Vaping It Right  

A paramount step that defines the complete vaping experience is inhaling from your vape kit. Doing it wrong can cause you to experience a sudden rush of liquid or nicotine that could leave your throat dry and prone to coughing. Although vaping is considered a close alternative to smoking, the two processes require different inhaling techniques. Vaping involves two prominent inhaling methods – MTL and DTL.  

MTL or Mouth To Lung is ideal for smaller vape kits with high-nicotine liquids and high-resistance coils. The mouthpiece in these devices is typically small and tight and requires slowly drawing vapors into the mouth. You can then hold it here for a couple of seconds before opening the mouth to inhale it into the lungs. Finally, exhale. Direct To Lung technique is suitable for larger vape kits. You can use the large volume of the mouthpiece to draw vapors straight into the lungs before exhaling. 

Point 4 

Choosing It Right  

When it comes to vape, choosing the device and liquid makes all the difference. But how to make the right choice here? Well, that entirely depends on your expectations from the process.  

Vape kits come in different flavors, and some also express nicotine concentration. For individuals in transition, nicotine-infused liquids might be a good choice. You may choose from different concentrations based on the smoking frequency to ease the yearning to smoke. Remember to pick kits with a suitable device that compliments the nicotine juice.  

The Pax 3 is a device designed to be used for aromatherapy, for concentrates, and for dry herbs. It is the newest iteration of the well-known Pax vaporizer. This unit has been designed with a large oven for dry herbs, a large chamber for oils, and a rechargeable battery. It is a device that can be used by anyone, from beginners to experienced users.

There are tons of nicotine-free kits as well. These juices come in extravagant flavors that are drool-worthy to enjoy. These might be a good choice for vaping hobbyists to relish the process and bright flavors.  

Point 5 

Don’t Forget To Clean Up  

Regular setup cleaning is critical to ensure you utilize the vape kits appropriately. But why is this necessary for an excellent vaping experience? Vape liquids or dry herbs in the system tend to leave residues along the device when you vape. Over time, gunky deposits from previous use may accumulate on the coil, wick, mouthpiece, or tank. It might contribute to a burnt taste while vaping as these deposits burn repeatedly.  

Cleaning the vape kit helps increase the lifetime of the setup, reduce repeated replacement costs, and improve vaping experience. Make sure to empty the tank and wash the setup with warm water and baking soda. For cartridge devices and disposables, you can clean the mouthpiece and coil area with warm water to eliminate the tough deposits on the surface. Remember to dry the device completely before using it and do a quick dry run by powering it without inhaling it to get the kit ready. 


Vape kits are an elegant one-stop solution for all your vaping needs. Understanding the appropriate ways to use them can ensure you enjoy the best experience. Use these tips to utilize the vape kits rightly for a seamless vaping time.

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