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SMD Screen with curve designs are getting more sought-after. They are found in private homes, in television format as well as PC screens. They can also be seen in the professional world and on the show television. This solution, however, isn’t new. Indeed, the first huge curving screen for cinemas was developed by Fred Waller in 1952. It took more than 50 years for the technology to gain popularity. A huge curve screen can be beneficial, it has numerous advantages.

Optimization OF A FIELD OF VISION:

The principal reason behind the creation of curving SMD screen is to maximize the viewing field. In fact, it allows you to combine the two primary forms of vision. The first is the central vision, where our eyes and attention are focused. Then, we have the peripheral vision, which is the things we see from the surrounding environment. The fields of view are dispersed within an arc or circle.

So, due to its concave design, the ends are in the same direction as well as the center of our screen. The outside edges of the screen are therefore able to better align our peripheral vision, with an adequate focal length. This helps to improve the eye’s ability to adjust and decreases fatigue. It also assists in avoiding distortions in the image in extremes.

Similar to the form of a huge curving screen is designed to keep the entire image within the frame of view. Additionally, when in front of an audience, the design can be used to envision a display that is suitable for those who are out of sight. For instance the performance halls and amphitheaters.


The ability to optimize the field of vision will not only increase the comfort of viewing but also improves the user experience. This is because the curved screen provides an even more immersive experience to the user. The curved design lets you better incorporate the concept of depth. This makes it more compatible with the three-dimensional field of vision that is present in our eyes. It better adapts to the natural field of view. It is able to better capture the actual experience, and it makes the image more engaging. Furthermore because it better covers the view of the viewer the image is not affected by distortions or the surroundings around the screen.

The feeling of being immersed is made more attainable when you have a huge curving SMD screen. In fact, one major benefit for SMD screen is their lack of shape and size restrictions. This means that it is possible to design larger screens that display images at a scale that is human-sized and provide a greater immersive experience. Furthermore, they provide greater contrast and nuanced colors to create a more realistic picture.


The massive SMD screen was first utilized for the purposes of television, entertainment and cinema. But, as we move forward with the development of SMD technology, the sizes and formats are changing. The curved SMD screens are able to come in many different designs. This is true, for instance the flexible and transparent SMD screen. This means that the screens no longer have to be concave or convex, they can also follow various curves. Thus, it is possible to design screens as waves for instance.

The most commonly used designs in the field of SMDs include, first and foremost the circular screens. In this case, the screen follows an arc that is convex, allowing it to be seen generally at 360 degrees. It will depend upon whether or not the display is an entire circle, or not. The solution is usually used in central areas in the outdoors and indoors, with lots of people gathered around. It can also be used to enhance architectural or aesthetic motives, such as to cover the pilaster.

The second most widely used and popular form of curved SMD screens is the concave as we mentioned earlier. In fact, these curved screens are becoming increasingly popular both with people and professionals. They provide the same advantages that LCD and OSMD screens but with the added benefit of being LCD and OSMD versions , but they do not have a size limitation and also with more luminosity and clarity. Furthermore, unlike OSMD and LCD they aren’t subject to reflection effects.

The GIANT SERVED SMD SCREEN HAS undisputed advantages for A LARGER image:

Curved screens are being developed to the fullest extent. The options are expanding to provide screens with any shape, regardless of curvature. Screens are no longer only a communication device as well as an aesthetic element. Because of this the curved screen is able to integrate new areas. Television sets controls rooms, stages and even cinemas are all interested in the curved screen. And then there are the options for people who are flooded with TVs, or gaming SMD screen.

The primary benefit for these displays is their design that is able to take into account the true field of view that the eye has. With this design screens provide an incredibly comfortable and full-bodied experience. This trend of becoming ever more immersive experiences is now expanding to the fullest extent. This is particularly true for SMD screens. This is the reason why we have the appearance of large spheres on SMD screens, with an omnipresent view. The massive curving SMD screen takes viewers to other places at 360 degrees.

SMD screens offer large amount of flexibility in their implementation. As a producer of huge SMD screens, we’d be delighted to assist you on your next project.

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