A partnership between USPA Nationwide Security and 11 Series Energy will provide clients with Databuoy’s Shotpoint® technology


A project originally funded by DARPA, Shotpoint® utilizes a patented four-microphone array that is superior to any shot detection system currently available.

USPA Nationwide Security and Florida-based 11 Series Energy have announced a strategic partnership to provide USPA’s security clients with Databouy’s cutting-edge gunshot detection system. By automating the emergency response process instantly, Shotpoint® reduces response times and saves lives.

Across the United States and internationally, USPA Nationwide Security serves a wide range of clients. Fashion labels, professional sports organizations, performing artists, and major venues are included on this list.

“In an active shooter scenario, seconds count – we are constantly improving our ability to safeguard our clients and their events,” said USPA’s CEO, Dan Manning.

11 Series Energy, Inc. is an SBA 8(a) Minority and Service-Disabled Veteran-Owned Small Business comprised of U.S. combat veterans who have deployed to high combat-tempo environments around the world. 

DARPA’s 11 Series gunshot detection system represents the best in class. Our system provides fast, accurate and actionable information to first responders in the event of a gunshot incident. It has been proven to distinguish clearly between gunshots and other loud noises that might be construed as gunshots.  

 In a school setting, mobile panic buttons can provide location accuracy to the room level once installed.

 Our ability to efficiently set up these systems goes hand in hand with the high level of service that USPA’s client list demands,” said Mack Sasser, CEO of 11 Series Energy.

Furthermore, the system can be integrated with any venue’s video management system. The Shotpoint® notification system can alert nearby cameras to observe the shooting event in real-time. When a shooting occurs, first responders are able to observe the situation immediately and respond in a life-saving manner.

Shotpoint® from Databuoy is a solution for Acoustic Shooter Localization. Shotpoint® is based on a network of acoustic sensors. Four microphones are installed on each sensor, which detect gunfire signatures and transmit them to a central processor in the cloud. Reports from all the detected sensors are merged to accurately compute the source of gunfire, notify the proper authorities, and present a unified interface to operators.

Databuoy, headquartered in McLean, Virginia, has been developing protocols and technologies for machine-based listening and signal processing for more than a decade. Databuoy’s leadership team developed its expertise while conducting research sponsored by the U.S. Department of Defense (DARPA).

About USPA Nationwide Security:

In terms of revenues, USPA Nationwide Security occupies the fifth position among the world’s largest security companies. There are franchise offices throughout the world for USPA, a leading provider of security services in Miami. It offers a wide range of Miami security services, including traditional Miami security guards, bodyguards, Miami fire watch guards, maritime security, travel security, and anti-kidnapping protection. Over 5,000 security contractors are employed by the company to provide its services.

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