A quick guide to choosing the perfect kitchen stools in Melbourne

A quick guide to choosing the perfect kitchen stools in Melbourne

Are you looking forward to incorporating some extra seating space in your cooking haven in Melbourne? Do you wish to transform your kitchen into a bar-styled inspiration? If you have answered both questions with a ‘yes,’ then it’s high time that you make space to welcome some new seating beauties in the form of kitchen stools. Kitchen stools in Melbourne not only give your kitchens a quick revamp, but they also get you some additional space to gobble down those hurried-up breakfasts when you are in a rush.

Also, these stools render a high hand in making your kitchens look more homey, comforting and contemporarily designed. But how do you get the right kitchen stools in Melbourne to aggrandise your kitchen space? What are the things you need to consider while buying kitchen stools? Here is how you can get started with your search for kitchen stools:

Pay attention to the style 

One of the primary aspects that you need to focus on while buying kitchen stools is how you want the seating beauties to look like. It is a prime consideration because these stools have the capability of binding the entire kitchen space into a single entity. Thus it should reveal a pleasant look rather than proving to be an eyesore.

The stools should be such that they complement the cooking space and enhance the aesthetics at the same time. Also, you should choose a style, keeping in mind whether you wish to give your kitchens a contemporary feel or a traditional touch. Accordingly, pick stools that can highlight the details of your kitchen and reflect your choice of kitchen design.

Do not overlook the texture

Whether you plan to buy a varnished wooden kitchen stool for a classy kitchen, colourful stools for a pop of fun or iron stools for a chic kitchen space, make sure that you also pay heed to the texture and materials of the kitchen stools. Especially the cushions used for the making of the kitchen stools should be picked such that it matches the other elements of the kitchen and adds life to your cooking space.

Besides, you might be aware that kitchens are a place that accrues easy spills and dirt. Thus the materials should be chosen such that you can avoid running down into some hard cleaning chores.

Take note of the colour palette

Whilst buying kitchen stools of different colours is entirely a personal choice, it is always a good idea to take into account the colour palette of your kitchen walls and island. If you have a light or white colour shade in your kitchen, buying solid-coloured stools can help in blending your kitchen in the right shades without making it look highly overpowered.

Additionally, colourful pops in your choice of stools can help create a home bar that steals the show to make your kitchens look like an ultimate cooking haven with eye-catching elements to grab the attention of everyone who happens to take a tour of your kitchen.

Counter height

While one of the easiest ways to fight the height issues of a stool is to follow the adjustable height stool route, you should still measure your kitchen counter and island height to get suitable kitchen stools adorning your kitchen paradise. Having the right heighted kitchen stools in Melbourne hikes the comfort factor and also makes it easy for you to perform kitchen chores without hurting your back and neck.

Moreover, if you have a secluded dining corner in your kitchen for some quick meals and drinks, it becomes easy for the family members and other guests to grab some munchies or drinks without feeling a pinch in their back while comfortably resting their arms on the counter.

Choose between back or backless

Another aspect to pay heed to is a kitchen stool with back or no back support. Kitchen stools with back support are a perfect addition to those comfort-oriented kitchens wherein you spend a considerable time sitting on the kitchen stools prepping up for the meals. Also, if you have small kids at home who wish to cling to you even while you are cooking the delicacies, kitchen stools with back support can help them stay in one place with extra safety. On the contrary backless stools exhibit a sleek and contemporary look and do not occupy much visual space.


Making your kitchens look the same as you have thought in your mind is something like a dream come true affair. Ranging from all those cheap bedside tables you have planned to transform as a kitchen utility to getting walls painted in the right colours and prints and getting other furniture pieces to create a bold look is no easy job. With that said, finding the right set of kitchen stools can be challenging at times, but swearing by the tips mentioned above can surely help you with the right pick for your cooking space. 

Written by Amy rey

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