A success of user centred design team that works closely 


with product development team

A user centred design team works closely with in-house engineering,and development teams

to deliver world class design that is rooted in feasibility and cost and time benchmarks. 

Understanding people lies at the core of the discipline of product design studios in India. For every product design studio, to stay ahead of its competitors, the idea is always to build a product/service that helps the customer perform a task effectively.

Understanding consumer behavior can make or break a product as consumers decide whether to spend their money or not. Product design studios in India focus on creating engineering design for a product that adds value and can be customized as per the needs of the customer. 

In this technologically advanced era, product design studios need to employ their resources and craftsmanship on coming up with a product that imparts function, aesthetic, and symbolic value that fits with the preferences and tastes of the customer. 

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User backwards approach & Ethnography 

Consumer behavior is a multidisciplinary field that includes psychology, marketing, anthropology, behavioral economics, and other disciplines. It is a blend of perception, thoughts, and emotions that influence behavior toward products and companies.

It focuses on ‘what’, ‘why’ and ‘how’ the consumers perceive the product, and also whether the product will flourish in the market or not. Product design studios like the Future Factory emphasize story-telling and uniqueness for every product, because, without these two crucial elements, the product loses its consumer context in this highly competitive market. 

The fact cannot be neglected that consumer behavior is beyond people and products since it also involves cultural, societal, and economic forces that influence the product design studio’s growth and success. In simple terms, understanding consumer behavior is a holistic combination of research, and empathy, with a touch of creativity that initiates design thinking process.


User centered design team and design thinking is vital for delivering consistently in the product market. 

By getting a deeper understanding of consumer behavior, product design studios attempt to solve real-time problems of the customers based on their habits, patterns, needs, wants, and thought processes. Through product design, the designers work collaboratively to understand the needs of consumers and anticipate their future needs in advance. 

Product design studios play a never-ending role in enhancing the customer experience and ensuring functionality in an effortless, and efficient manner. From ideating the initial customer journey and experience to the final product offering with a satisfactory user experience, the product design studios are responsible for the company’s evolution and consistency. 

When it comes to linking product design studios and consumer behavior, it is safe to say that product designing influences the consumers’ beliefs and way of thinking about upcoming products and services. Emotions are the pain points, and these designing companies know well how to use them to their product’s benefit. To conclude, product design is a dynamic factor that taps on customers’ values and eventually elevates their satisfaction.    

Some of the benefits of having user-centred designers within your product development team include:

1. improved customer satisfaction –Designing with the customer in mind from the outset can help to create products that are more likely to be used and enjoyed by the target audience. This can lead to improved customer satisfaction levels and repeat business.

2. increased sales – If customers are happy with a product, they are more likely to use it and recommend it to others. This can lead to increased sales for a company.

3. reduced support costs – If a product is designed with the user in mind, it is less likely that customers will need support in using it. This can save a company money on support costs in the long run.

What are the benefits of having user-centred designers?

There are many benefits of having user-centred designers within your product development team. They can help you to create products that are more user-friendly and intuitive, and they can ensure that your products are designed with your target audience in mind. User-centred designers also have a deep understanding of human behaviour and psychology, which means they can help you to design products that are more likely to be used and loved by your customers.

When should you use a user centric approach?

User-centricity should be at the forefront of your mind when designing any product or service. By keeping users at the center of your design decisions, you can create a product that is both useful and usable.

There are a few key moments when following a user-centric approach is especially important:

1. When first starting out: user research will be key in helping you determine what needs your product or service should address.

2. When making changes: before making any changes to your product, always consider how those changes will affect your users. User feedback should also be gathered during and after these changes are implemented to ensure that they are actually improvements.

3. When launching new features: again, user feedback should be sought before, during, and after launch to ensure that the new feature is successful and meets user needs.

What does employing a user centric team look like?

There are many benefits to having user-centred designers within your product development team. A user centric team is one that designs and develops products with the users’ needs and preferences in mind at all times. This type of team creates products that are not only useful and convenient for users, but also enjoyable to use.

Some of the benefits of employing a user centric team include:

1. Increased customer satisfaction: When products are designed with the user in mind, they are more likely to be used as intended and meet the needs of the customer. This leads to increased satisfaction with the product, which can lead to repeat business and brand loyalty.

2. Improved usability: User-centric design teams focus on making products that are easy and intuitive to use. This improved usability can lead to increased productivity for users as well as decreased support costs for businesses.

3. Enhanced competitiveness: By designing products that address real user needs and providing a great user experience, businesses can gain a competitive advantage over those who do not put their customers first.


Delving into consumer behavior and analyzing market trends is a crucial part of every designing industry. The industrial design companies  are the whole and soul when it comes to evaluating the consumer’s problems, and then ideating, designing, and testing the same. 

To know more about product design studios in India, click here. 

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