Expostnews is a communication, media, and advertising company, specializing in the production of online content. Pioneer in the United States in entertainment coverage, famous, television, and lifestyle, in our 10 years of history we understand the responsibility and impact of our publications. Our proposal is to work with the truth, following editorial principles based on values that define the practice of good journalism.

We are a multiplatform brand dedicated to all subjects of entertainment, celebrities, television, soap operas and series, music, cinema, theater and performing arts in general, pop culture, fashion, lifestyle, and tech, among others.

Editorial principles of expostnews writing:

  • Always work with an ethical posture;
  • Valuing qualified and reliable sources;
  • Always check the facts before publishing them;
  • Do not use bombastic and deceptive titles;
  • Always keep the lines and subjects in context;
  • Do not practice sensationalization;
  • Always keep the lines and subjects in context;
  • Do not practice sensationalization;
  • Never go beyond the limits of ethics;
  • Combat any kind of false information, online abuse, language that referred to any kind of prejudice, be it racial, discriminatory, xenophobic, retaliation; mean insinuations and data inaccuracy;
  • Identify failures and apologize;
  • If any incorrect information is found, it should be corrected immediately and if necessary accompanied by a “Writing Note”;
  • Work with transparency and righteousness;
  • Always be open to dialogue with sources and available to correct possible flaws;
  • When discovered, an error must be corrected quickly, without subterfuge;
  • Disseminating a rectification must necessarily be disseminated by the same channels in which incorrect information has been disclosed;
  • Always be open to hearing criticism or disputes about the published content;
  • Compete fairly and ethically in the market, leading our company honestly and fairly. Never offer, promise, give, accept or authorize bribes, kickbacks, and/or improper payments directly or indirectly to any individual, company, or organization.
  • Employees shall not offer, solicit or receive anything of value, including gifts and entertainment if the intention is to exert an undue influence on the recipient.
  • Keep the email channel [email protected] for communication with readers and stakeholders.

Passionate about the world of fame and entertainment, we work following the pillars of ethical journalism, acting with honesty and justice in everything we do and, as a basic premise, treating each other with respect.

The EXPOSTNEWS team breathes the culture of entertainment 24 hours a day, thus generating exclusive breaking news and detailed coverage of celebrities, reality shows, red carpet, news and TV spoilers, series, trends, lifestyle tips, and information about everything that is viral these days.

These are fundamental rules for EXPOSTNEWS writing to work lawfully and ethically, respecting not only its team of collaborators but also our partners and our world.

Our Goal

To be a reference vehicle in the practice of entertainment journalism and in the coverage of agendas related to the world of famous, television, fashion, film, music, and related subjects.

Our Values

Expostnews has among its fundamental values to practice journalism with creativity, passion, innovation, training, collaboration, and integrity. Our team always seeks a basis of quality, dignity, and mutual respect.

The success of Expostnews depends on the practice of these values. By working with seriousness and respect, we strengthen our brand and rectify the trust placed by our readers and sources.

  • Promote the plurality of voices, interpretations, and worldviews;
  • Always defend human rights;
  • Support equal representation and values between ethnicities, religions, cultures, and traditions;
  • Defense of broad freedom of expression.

In 10 years of history we understand that our reputation is our greatest asset, and to maintain it, it is necessary that each of us – without exception – follow these principles consistently.