Bathroom Furniture – Your Choices and Options

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A modern bathroom looks incomplete without bathroom furniture. After all, where will you store all the time that you need while showering, bathing, cleaning, and shaving every day? Therefore, you may need a bathroom cabinet, a vanity unit, or a tallboy unit. Not only are these highly practical but improve the bathroom aesthetics. 

Read on in case you are looking for a type of storage and want to explore your options.

Bathroom Furniture

Furniture is no longer only for your living, drawing, or dining room only. It is also an essential need in the bathroom. Technically, it’s just as simple as that typical home furniture but different in a few ways. 

  • A piece of furniture specifically designed for a bathroom may have a worktop or fitted sink on it.
  • The material used for such furniture may have the ability to withstand the humid environment of the bathroom.
  • Such furniture may be slimline to save bathroom space. 

Different Types of Bathroom Furniture

There are following different types of Bathroom Furniture to choose from

  • Bathroom Cabinets

A bathroom cabinet is a type of bathroom storage that resembles typical household cabinets. The purpose is the same to store the items. However, in the bathroom, you can use it to store toiletries, cleaning products, or sometimes medicines. Such cabinets are usually fitted above the sink to provide a much-needed storage facility. These come in various sizes, and you will have to choose it to depend on the size of the bathroom and the availability of the space. It usually has engineered wood or metal as a material. The size and material usually have a big impact on its price. 

  • Bathroom Vanity Units

Technically, a bathroom vanity unit is also a bathroom cabinet but may also have a few slightly different features. For example, most bathroom vanity units are a type of bathroom furniture that typically comes with already fitted or have the option to choose a worktop or fitted sink on it. Another difference may be the size. Though vanities come in different sizes and styles, a prominent feature may slime line and compactness of these. So, even with a large size, these may take up less space than standard cabinets. For example, a medicine cabinet that fits over the sink may not be a vanity unit but is still used as a bathroom furniture range. 

You may have to choose from two major types of vanities. 

  • Wall Hung Vanity Units. Such vanities have no connection to the floor but fit directly onto the wall. With a sink fitted on the top or a worktop kept on the top, it is usually considered the most stylish and space-saving option for the bathroom. That’s why such vanities are more common in small bathrooms and cloakrooms. Their luxurious and modern style makes them a highly attractive choice for all types and sizes of bathrooms. You may choose from either single or double sink options for your bathroom. 
  • Floor standing Vanity Unit. These are a type of vanities that sit directly on the floor. These don’t require a lot of fitting and are easily moveable. However, in the case of vanity sink units, you will need to provide a sink drainage for the water. These usually take up a little more space than the floating style vanities. So, such units are typically more suitable for medium to large-size bathrooms. However, you will also find compact vanities in this range that are a perfect choice for the space where space is an issue. It is due to the fewer space requirements. 
  • Tallboy Cabinets 

A typical piece of bathroom furniture, a tallboy cabinet, has more length than width, giving it a tall shape. So, it is long but requires more space vertically than horizontally. That’s what makes it different from a standard vanity unit. You can find them on both floors standing as well as wall hung options. So, your choice will more or less depend on the space available in the bathroom. These are stylish and provide ample storage capacity in the bathroom. Modern bathrooms often have such vanities that allow you to have efficient use of space. 

Which Bathroom Furniture Should You Choose?

We have discussed various bathroom furniture options and categories on the basis of their shape and the way these fit. You usually have cabinets, vanity units, and tall boy units to choose from. Your choice will typically depend on your needs and requirements. For example, if you are looking for something to store your shaving stuff, combs, hairbrushes, or medicine, then a small medicine cabinet over the sink or with a front mirror may be a suitable option. In case you need to store toiletries, and other body care items, then a bathroom vanity unit may be your top choice. And whether you need one that sits on the floor or fits on the wall depends on your aesthetics requirements as well as the space available. 

Generally, in smaller bathrooms, cloakrooms, or where you want to add a luxurious flare, you prefer a wall hung vanity unit due to better space utilization. 

Final Thoughts.

Bathroom furniture is essential for every bathroom. However, you will need to consider your functional and aesthetic requirements when choosing the suitable option for your bathroom. 

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