Bid Farewell to These Bathroom Décor Trends to Stay Relevant 

When it comes to bathroom décor, homeowners who can afford classy and stunning remodels would want to remain relevant with it! There’s no point in spending ample money on a bathroom décor trend and letting it go because it hardly makes any sense post the remodel. That way you will only lose out time and money, that you could have invested elsewhere and yield much profit. 

Recently, there have been various bathroom décor ideas that have made practical sense and that have not. For instance, décor trends on bathroom faucets are helpful as a faucet is a long-term investment and can add to the bathroom’s look. Today, there is no one-size fits all. You need to know what you want, and you will come across the perfect bath faucets to choose from. Now, this is a practical trend and will add value to your investment. 

The trends that you should steer clear of include:

  1. Everything white

It is a great idea to brighten the room. However, when you have white tiles installed on the white walls, which have white fixtures, it tends to be monotonous. It can also lead to a washed-out appearance. It poses challenges in cleaning, and the look can be fragile, cold or harsh. If you wish to have an airier, lighter feel, you can choose a diverse color palette with beige or gray neutrals. Select welcoming and warm shades, which isn’t very alarming. 

When you have a funky concept in mind, you can select textiles and towels that can get swapped easily. Avert making use of more than three shades in one room. You have to ensure that it compliments one another and also highlight each one. And for all that it is worth, the concern here isn’t the shade. Instead, it’s a smart call to avert the monotone trend, irrespective of any color that you keep in mind. 

  1. The sea views 

The renowned interior décor experts say that they will keep coming across designs inspired by nature. The ocean and the tropics inspire the common ones here. Now it is essential to avert this trend totally. Similar to any beautiful wallpaper, even the sea schemes might age vigorously. It can provide your bathroom space with a vacation vibe akin to a movie set. 

If you wish to be on the safe side, you must do away with the seashells, ocean blues and sailor themes. Instead, you must try to channel the houses’ look in the seascapes. You must try and invest in developing a scenic sanctuary. The best décor consultants say that they feel that plants will make a comeback! Even the organic-shaped mirrors and the earthy color palettes will become prominent. 

  1. The big bathtubs

Everyone almost is opting in for the huge-sized bathtubs! The question is how far they will last. Other than being highly costly, these tubs are rather impractical. Check whether your family members can manage with a standard bathtub. In that case, you don’t need to make this investment. The athletes can say yes to the soaking tubs. Most people love the concept of an oversized tub because it appears lavish and makes them feel they have a glamorous bathtub. 

Hence, refrain from falling for this expensive trend! Instead, you can select a high-end shower that helps to save water. Today, there are advanced features which can completely transform the shower into a stunning aromatherapy oasis. 

  1. The hardwood ceilings are a thing of the past

It is one trend that we have seen in the living room, bedroom and kitchen. It has made it to the bathroom as well. Ceiling wood treatments may prove to be helpful. However, wood and moisture aren’t a good match for the long run. The humidity and the warmth that will generate from the shower have a chance to warp or deform the wood. There is a chance of mold growth on the plants and then infecting the entire bathroom. Hence, you need to select a ceiling which gets coated in the paint layer that can withstand a high-moisture setting. 

  1. Avoid falling for bold wallpapers.

Complex wallpapers are a trend, and most people say yes. However, it only helps to push the envelop and then dares you to blend in a few textures and colors in the place which used to get reserved for a simple paint coat. Today, bathrooms are becoming a highly preferred place for playful wallpapers. Even though all these fun styles are best for the guests’ half-bath, they can become slightly tiresome when it comes to the owner’s bath. And as days pass by the bold wallpapers might appear like an outdated, old hat. It would help if you also were careful to purchase the wallpaper, which won’t get curled up with time or lose out on the adhesive when it gets exposed to the moisture. 

There are times, when a homeowner is not able to help much but opt-in for the wallpaper décor trend. In such a situation, ensure that you select a totally removable one. So, by the time you might get bored with one scene, there is an option to choose another one. 

Finally, it all boils down to the fact that several bathroom scenes are available this year, and not all of it is completely bad. There are a few which need to be corrected for the location or the space you possess. Hence, it is necessary to make a wise selection. And as you do that, it is essential to focus on durability, beauty and utility. Go ahead and select the styles, colors and patterns which would only move out of fashion within one year or two. You should also consider the number of people who will resort to the power room. It is also essential to ponder how to use the en-suite so that you stay realistic about the duration it will take, after which you may change the look. All these are factors that you need to consider before you land-up in a bathroom décor trend. 

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