What Type of a Housing Community Would Blue World City Be in Islamabad?

Blue World City
Blue World City

The Blue World City Chakri Road is a future city with all of the amenities and infrastructure required for a comfortable lifestyle. The list includes water, power, gas, hospitals, schools, 24/7 maintenance, smart security, a mosque, Cineplex, and a fitness facility. In terms of project advancement, it is reasonable to say that it is gaining traction quickly. Engineers, architects, town planners, and technical supervisors frequently examine the project’s progress.

Advantages of Living in The Blue World City

The location of Blue World City is appealing in comparison to all other prospective housing societies in the region since it is the closest to the proposed Rawalpindi Ring Road. Blue World City four gates make it a destination for real estate investors in Islamabad to trust and appreciate. Because of its central position and cutting-edge infrastructure, the future holds immense promise for huge returns on investment in this housing society.

Central Location for All of The City’s Attractions

When it comes to real estate, the right location is critical. The location of any investment is essential. Experienced investors will always look for assets that provide a decent return on their investment. Blue World City’s strategic location on the fringes of Islamabad and Rawalpindi makes it an attractive location for future real estate investment. Due to massive population arrivals in recent years, the cities of Islamabad and Rawalpindi are now near capacity. Approximately 70% of Rawalpindi’s urban population lacks access to basic services like as sufficient sanitation and safe drinking water. The region surrounding the new Islamabad highway has a bright future since both major centers are developing.

Blue World City Islamabad is at the Chakri crossroads on the CPEC route and is easily accessible from the M-2 motorway between Lahore and Islamabad. The Blue World is adjacent to Islamabad/Rawalpindi and the Islamabad international airport, and it offers peaceful living away from metropolitan suburbs.

Approval of the Blue World City NOC

Blue World City has been authorized by the RDA and the district council, making it a totally legitimate residential plan. On 07/08/2018, the RDA accepted Blue World City Islamabad NOC.

Blue World City Dimensions Geographically

Residences, farmhouses, and commercial plots make up the BWC region. The sizes and classifications of the plots for sale, however, may vary from block to block. Blue World City in Islamabad bought 5,000 Kanal of land for subdivision into blocks and plots.

Master Payment Plan for Blue World City

The Blue World City Payment Plan was designed to make payments for housing society plots as simple as possible for investors. The payment plan is divided into 40 monthly installments and eight semi-annual installments. Blue World City payment and installment arrangements are described further down this page.

Blue World City Features

Blue World City Islamabad is a housing project located near the new Islamabad International Airport. Some of the features of the project include:

Residential Plots:

The project offers plots of different sizes for building houses. These plots are available for purchase and construction, providing an opportunity for individuals and families to build their own homes.

Commercial Plots:

In addition to residential plots, Blue World City Islamabad also offers commercial plots for businesses and shops. These plots are suitable for setting up small and medium-sized enterprises, providing employment opportunities for the local community.


The project offers a variety of amenities for the residents such as parks, playgrounds, and a community center. These amenities provide spaces for recreation and socialization, as well as opportunities for physical activity and community events.


Blue World City Islamabad includes mosques for religious observance. These places of worship provide a spiritual and social center for the community.

Schools And Hospitals:

The project also features schools and hospitals for education and healthcare. These facilities provide essential services for the community, ensuring that residents have access to quality education and healthcare.

Security And Maintenance Services:

Blue World City Islamabad provides security and maintenance services for the community. This ensures that the community is safe and that the infrastructure is well-maintained.

Access To Transportation:

The project is located near the new Islamabad International Airport and major roads, providing easy access to public transportation and major roads for easy commuting.

Underground Infrastructure:

The project features underground electricity and sewage systems, which improves the overall infrastructure of the community.

Shopping Mall and Sports Complex:

The project includes a dedicated shopping mall and sports complex. These facilities provide entertainment and shopping options for the residents.

Lake View And Greenbelts:

The project is surrounded by beautiful lake view and greenbelts which adds to the overall aesthetic of the community, and also provide a peaceful and serene environment for the residents.

Blue World City Islamabad File Verification

Blue World Online services are advantageous to foreign investors. They may access their file from any location, which is a significant advantage for investors and will save clients time. They may contact it immediately over the internet, which is an extra benefit to the consumers.

Blue World City also offers various services for the convenience of its employees, such as:

  • File verification for Blue World City
  • Online Payments for Blue World City
  • Online registration certificate verification
  • Application Progress

End Note

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