Concrete Blocks In Modern Construction: Advantages And Limitations

Concrete Blocks In Modern Construction: Advantages And Limitations

In this era, concrete products are widely used in construction projects regardless of type; commercial or residential. In fact, lots of construction engineers have started recommending them because of great features. Talking about top facilities offered by these blocks include easy installation, higher durability, and various shapes suitable according to your space.

It wouldn’t be wrong to say, they have replaced old styled bricks and that’s all because of great benefits we’re going to explain below in the article. All you have to do is, stay with this page and be good to go.

We’ll share some great advantages you can avail by using concrete blocks in your projects and for sure some limitations so you properly aware of their use. So, without further ado, let’s dive into this.

Using Concrete Blocks Advantages

Here are the top-rated advantages of using concrete blocks in your construction projects.

Check them out.

Available in Different Sizes, Shapes & Types

Concrete blocks are available to you in different shapes and sizes. You can select which type of blocks you need for your project compatible according to your space and other requirements.

If you find any difficulty regarding selecting the appropriate sizes in blocks, discuss PPC Concrete Products. It’s one of the famous companies in United Kingdom making almost all types of concrete blocks. You can contact and discuss your project with experts to get better suggestions and can buy blocks you need.

Can Be Used in Various Ways

The best thing about concrete blocks is that they can be used in various ways. In fact, you can use them in making foundations. Moreover, blocks can be also used to make retaining walls.

Depending upon the size & shape you can decide in how many ways you can use a particular concrete block. Again, you can contact PPC Concrete Products to get expert suggestions regarding different ways to use concrete blocks.

Highly Durable and Strong

Concrete blocks are always come up with great strength and longer durability. They can bear much weight and found to be longer lasting. That’s all because of materials used to make them – aggregates including rock and stone powder, cement and fix ratios of water.

It wouldn’t be wrong to say durability is the major factor making concrete products a prioritized choice over bricks.

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Limitations to Use Concrete Blocks

Where concrete products come up with various benefits, they also have some limitations which you have to consider. Talking about some most spotted limitations, they include:

  • You need to take care of strict qualities during installation and placing in order to get proper support
  • With concrete blocks, formwork is required
  • They have low specific strength and toughness
  • Concrete products have high compression strength always but found to have low tensile strength at the exact moment

Final Thoughts

We have shared with you some top advantages of using concrete products in modern construction and limitations as well. In fact, you can discuss with PPC Concrete Products in case of any confusion – an authorized firm making all types of concrete blocks. 

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