Customize Solutions to Create an Exclusive Pre-Roll Packaging Wholesale

Our company provides unlimited personalized choices to clients so that they may choose the suitable ones. You can select the desired box style, material, and printing methods. Furthermore, for the adornment of the box, we offer a broad range of laminations, spot UV, aqueous coating, finishings, and add-ons.

Choose the Required Style of the Package

The Cannabis industry has been thriving in the following years. Pre-rolls are listed as one of the most demanded products. They come in small and larger sizes. You can make packaging aesthetically pleasing and attractive by electing a particular and fitting box style. We manufacture custom pre roll boxes in flowing styles:

  1. tray and sleeve box
  2. counter display box 
  3. cigarette box
  4. pre-roll joint box

Tray and sleeve packaging is considerable as they unveil the products elegantly and give safe storage. Display boxes act as the best means to advertise your company in the market. To make packaging more alluring, we add the logo of the company and its taglines to the customers’ demand. The printing of the business’s emblem on the box makes it easy to identify the brand’s items among the crowd,

Selection of Material for the Production of a Wholesale Box

Roll buds are also prone to contamination and breakage while delivering and storage as well. It becomes essential to guard them against harsh weather and heat etc. the overall worth of the object’s packaging lies in its material. We employ high standard and one hundred percent biodegradable material. Our packaging manufacturers ensure the environment’s safety and the protection of cannabis products. You have freedom to opt between kraft, cardboard, and corrugated.

KraftCardboard               Corrugated
An optimal option to pack light-weight pre-rollsno harmful impact on the atmosphereGives extra strength to packaging
100% biodegradableEasy to print artworks and graphicsSuitable for the shipment of breakable objects
Packaging is entirely recyclableEnhances the shelf lives of the productsSafe for the health of environment

All of the above options are completely climate-friendly and long-lasting. There is no restriction, so you can opt for anyone that seems befitting.

Hand Pick the Advanced Printing Methods

Printing gives perfection to packaging. Dazzling colored boxes printed with peculiar graphics and product portraits depicting their ingredients and flavors intrigue the onlookers and influence them instantly. We employ two remarkable printing techniques, offset and digital. Our printing machines and inks are of superb quality and do not negatively impact the atmosphere. In the color printing model, CMYK and PMS are included. 

Application of Captivating Coatings, Add-Ons, and Finishings

After printing paper cigarette boxes, there are laminations and embellishments to give the finishing touch to the packaging. Usually, we apply matt and gloss laminations to conserve packaging from marks, creases, scratches, damage, etc. Besides, matt adds smoothness and soft touch to the surface of the packaging in contrast to the shiny texture of the gloss. Embossing and debossing provide more solid color and make colors brighter and more stunning. Add-ons like inserts, handles, hang tabs, and window-cut outs make packaging more appealing and eye-catching. 

The First-Rate Packaging Supplier

our company has been supplying its extraordinary services for several years. we have dominated the packaging industry with the provision of high-quality services. The satisfaction of clients is our company’s first choice. We ensure to provide high-end and 100% satisfactory facilities at low costs. Order us now and avail of free order delivery with no plates, die-cuts, and design samples fee.

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