Effective way to lose 10 kg weight in 7 days

Effective way to lose 10 kg weight in 7 days
Effective way to lose 10 kg weight in 7 days

According to experts, it is possible to lose up to 1 pound a week. And losing 10 kg in 7 days is not a matter! Now all you have to do is create a proper routine. But you have to walk a lot every day. walk across

How to lose 10 kg weight in 7 days

Wake up in the morning, brush your teeth and walk for 40 to 50 minutes. Walking in the morning will help you lose weight and belly fat faster and improve digestion, eliminate gastric problems and boost immunity.

Morning breakfast

After a walk, drink a glass of lemon and honey water. Mix 1 teaspoon of honey and half of a lemon in a glass of warm water and drink it properly. If there is acidity in the lemon then reduce the lemon juice. Or eat something light without eating on an empty stomach. Drinking lemon honey water every morning will help you lose excess weight faster, this drink will clear your skin, prevent acne breakouts and relieve constipation.


Eat a medium sized wheat flour bread for breakfast. Eat a cup of cooked vegetables or a cup of cooked beetroot with bread. Eat an egg. Eat a boiled egg without the yolk. Eat half a cup of sour yogurt. Sour yogurt is a very useful food to reduce belly fat. Apart from reducing fat, it provides calcium, phosphorus and vitamin D to the body. Vitamin D strengthens teeth and bones.

Mid-morning breakfast

Eat 25 grams of fried banana. Kale is very low in sugar and fat and high in protein. So it is quite an effective farm to lose weight. Eat a cup of seasonal vegetable salad. Or eat a raw cucumber weighing 150 to 200 grams. Salad has no calories. This food will fill your stomach but will not give you any calories. As a result excess weight will be reduced and body strength will increase.


Eat a cup of rice for lunch. Eat 1 cup of vegetables with rice. Eat 1 cup of cooked green or leafy vegetables. Eat a large piece of fish cooked with vegetables. Here the amount of vegetables will be three servings i.e. one and a half cups and fish pieces will weigh around 120 grams or eat 4 to 5 pieces of meat cooked with vegetables. Here the amount of meat will be like 120 grams. Also eat half a cup of vegetable salad and a slice of lemon.

Afternoon snack

Eat 2 servings, 100 to 150 grams, of seasonal fruit for an afternoon snack. Eat fruits that are available in season around you. But make sure that two thirds of your fruit list should be sour fruits. You can have a cup of green tea for afternoon snack. But if possible, eat, if not, don’t eat.


Eat bread for dinner Eat one medium sized wheat flour loaf Eat two to three pieces of meat cooked with vegetables along with bread. Or eat a cup of small fish curry cooked with vegetables. Or have a cup of vegetarian curry.

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Follow them

  • Do you know what? Eating while watching TV causes 288 extra calories to go into the stomach than usual. So if you want to lose weight, stop watching TV and eating.
  • Must eat salad with food.
  • Eat small meals.
  • Choose boiled, poached or baked foods. Be sure to eat food cooked in little oil.
  • Sugar should be excluded from the food list.
  • Eat more water and fruit.
  • We talk on the phone many times a day. Walk while talking on the phone.
  • Follow the hygiene instructions mentioned. And follow the right lifestyle. Lose weight fast.

Why does weight increase or what causes weight gain?

Rather than how to lose weight, we should think about why we gain weight. Reasons – If you know the reasons for weight gain then you can avoid this excess weight gain which is the biggest way to lose weight. Read – Major Causes and Symptoms of Diabetic Coma

Weight gain can occur for a variety of reasons. Among them, unhealthy and irregular eating habits and lack of exercise are largely responsible. Below are some of the main reasons.

  1. Lethargy or physical inactivity
    When we do less physical activity than we should, especially when we only eat and sleep, we will gain weight. Moreover, lack of physical exercise can lead to weight gain.
  2. overeating
    A bad habit of many of us is to eat whenever. Especially overeating. Eating more than what a human should eat each day. In particular, eating too much fat or fatty foods. As a result, the weight increases at an additional rate.
  3. Hereditary or genetic
    Many people seem to follow all the rules but still gain weight. The reason for this is genetic influence. If your parents or your offspring have a tendency to be overweight, you are more likely to gain weight or become obese. Because some things are inherited.
  4. Eating foods high in carbohydrates
    Those of us who eat foods high in carbohydrates are more likely to gain weight. Because, excess carbohydrates help us gain weight. Rice is rich in carbohydrates. So people who eat a lot of rice every day are more likely to gain weight. Also, other high-carbohydrate foods lead to weight gain. For example: popcorn, milk, potatoes, soft drinks, energy drinks, bread etc.
  1. Different types of medicine
    We take different types of medicines at different times for our treatment. Each of these medicines have different side effects. There are certain medications that can cause you to gain weight due to regular use.
  2. Various diseases
    There are certain diseases that can cause weight gain. For example: hypothyroidism, insulin used as a result of diabetes, polycystic ovary syndrome and total diseases like Cushing’s syndrome lead to weight gain.

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  1. Eating too much fat, Most of us like to eat fatty foods. But these fatty foods are very harmful for all of us. These increase the amount of obesity in our body. As a result of which our weight increases.
  2. Disadvantages of weight gain
    Weight gain can be caused by a number of reasons, many of which you already know about. Just as our physical beauty is lost due to weight gain, various types of diseases can nest in the body. The harmful aspects of weight gain are discussed below.
  3. high blood pressure
    Excess weight gain can lead to bad diseases like high blood pressure in your body. High blood pressure can cause heart failure, heart attack along with dizziness, nausea. Moreover, as a result of this, you may be affected by various other diseases.
  4. Type-2 diabetes
    Weight gain can lead to type 2 diabetes. And as a result you will get excessive thirst, frequent urination, body and mind will be tired and depressed and it can also cause serious damage to the heart and eyes.
  5. stroke
    Being overweight doesn’t just affect your body, it can also affect your brain. And if it affects the brain you can have a stroke. So being overweight increases your risk of stroke.
  6. Heart attack and heart failure
    Excess weight increases the amount of fat in the body. And these fats are a threat to our body. Because it can cause the pores of our heart to close. As a result, events like heart attack and heart failure can occur.
  7. mental problems
    Weight gain is not the only physical problem. Its effects also have a major impact on your mental health. As a result, clinical depression, anxiety and other types of mental problems can occur.
  8. Sleep Apnea (Sleep Apnea) and breathing problems
    Sleep apnea is a serious disease. As a result, an overweight person has many problems sleeping. In addition, there may be difficulty in breathing. Basically, sleep apnea results in difficulty breathing while sleeping.
  9. Movement problems
    A person of normal weight can do the same amount of work and effort as an abnormally overweight person cannot. It will be short. Moreover, even movement will be problematic in every moment of life.

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