Flying Private? Here are 8 Tips & Tricks for Packing Efficiently

Flying Private

If you’re looking to fly private, packing right can make quite a difference. Taking the time to pack well can help you save money and be more comfortable during your flight. Whether you plan to charter a private jet in New Jersey or head out of state, these tips will help ensure everything goes smoothly.

1. Make a List

Before packing, list everything that needs to go in your bag. This will help ensure nothing gets left behind, and you’ll have everything you need when you’re up in the air. Remember important items like medications, chargers, ID cards, and other documents that are necessary for travel. Also, consider bringing any snacks or items you want on the plane with you – it’s often easier and more cost-effective than airport food.

2. Pack Light

Most private jets have limited cargo space, so it’s important to pack light and bring what is essential for your trip. This means no bulky clothing or unnecessary items that take up valuable space in your baggage allowance. Think about what activities and events will take place during your flight so you know how much space should be allotted for luggage versus other items like electronics, snacks, etc.

3. Prioritize Comfort

Comfort is key when flying private – after all, the point is to enjoy yourself! Think carefully about what clothes would be most comfortable while traveling at high altitudes – layers can be helpful if weather conditions change unexpectedly during the flight – as well as any accessories such as neck pillows or blankets that might make resting easier during the journey.

4. Wear Your Bulkiest Items

To save room in your suitcase (or overhead bin), consider wearing some of your bulkier items on the plane instead of packing them away in luggage; this includes jackets, sweaters, boots, etc. Wearing them on board reduces the extra weight passengers must carry throughout their journey without compromising comfort or style aboard the aircraft.

5. Maximize Space with Packing Cubes

Investing in packing cubes helps save valuable space inside suitcases or bags by allowing travelers to organize clothes into neat compartments that fit alongside each other easily without shifting around too much inside luggage bags while traveling; any extra space can then be used for shoes and other necessary items needed on board flights like books or makeup kits!. Plus, they’re lightweight – perfect for private jet charters!

6. Pack Smartly

When packing suitcases as part of a private jet charter to New Jersey trip, think about where things will go once they’re inside it before reorganizing multiple times! Packing from the top usually works best because heavier items should always go at the bottom with lighter ones on top, so nothing gets crushed under pressure during the takeoff/landing phases. Compression sacks can also increase efficiency by squeezing the air out between fabrics, making them smaller overall size-wise. It’s great for those who don’t have much extra room inside their suitcases.

7. Bring Entertainment Aboard

It’s also smart to bring entertainment options and plenty of reading material! Magazines, books, music players, tablets, headphones – whatever keeps passengers occupied while en route! Even simple things like playing cards could help pass the time quickly, which means less stress throughout the journey and more enjoyment overall.

So remember something like a chess set too- remember these kinds of activities shouldn’t require excessive movements around the cabin area. At the same time, the plane is already airborne since safety regulations forbid such behavior due to security reasons.

8. Gather Necessary Travel Documents

Lastly, it’s important to consider gathering all necessary paperwork before departure, such as passports, visa information/approval letters if needed, etc. Additional documentation may be required depending upon various government regulations depending upon the country whose airspace traveled over, so double-check those details beforehand! That way, fewer surprises arise when boarding a plane later.


When flying private, one should consider several factors, from creating an effective packing list, choosing comfortable clothing options, and investing in cost-efficient tools (such as cubes) or entertainment materials onboard aircraft. All these steps combined create memorable journeys without worrying too much about anything else but enjoying the ride itself! Just remember above mentioned tips and tricks next time booking a private jet charter trip – rest assured, success is guaranteed.

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