Making money out of acting immaturely, Michael Browning Jr. The 34-year-old CEO and co-founder of Urban Air Adventure Parks has grown the company from a single trampoline park in Southlake into the biggest network of family-oriented indoor theme parks.


 From its initial base in urban air Southlake has seen meteoric expansion. Browning, speaking from his Bedford headquarters, says, “I wanted to construct a home that I wish I had when I was a youngster.” We want to become the indoor equivalent of Six Flags.

For the most part, we cater to mothers who have children between the ages of one and fourteen who are still at home. Everyone is welcome to come in, since the environment is secure and the prices are low.


Climbing walls, warrior obstacle courses, tube playgrounds, ropes courses, trapezes, spinning-and-flipping bumper cars (you must see these things), and yes, trampolines can all be found at the 65 Urban Airs, 12 of which are in D-FW.

It’s estimate that an additional 175 units are now being built or are finalizing their real estate holdings around the country.


A little industrial garage off Main Street, behind the Town Square Gazebo in Grapevine was where the firm, which in 2018 had system wide sales of $166 million, got its start. This is something that the whole family is involved in and discount available on urban air coupons.

Browning’s father, Mike, is still involved in the building process for Urban Air and was a luxury homebuilder in the Grapevine, Colleyville, and urban air Southlake areas before he and his son start the firm. Both Browning’s mom Sharla and his wife Melissa, he believes, have that motherly intuition.

“I want mothers to come in here and feel the same way they do when they sit in a Honda minivan: “This thing is meant for me. The napkins have their own compartment. It has 26 cup holders.


That means clean restrooms and unobstructed views of all the action at Urban Air. Perception is reality in our industry, Browning argues. Serve wood-plank salmon on a bed of rice all you want, but if the restrooms are filthy, your customers will believe it tastes awful.


He’s merely making an illustration using expensive fish. Burgers, chicken sandwiches, and pizza are the mainstays of the menu at urban air Southlake. In addition, there are bars serving alcoholic beverages (including beer, wine, margaritas, and daiquiris), high-speed Wi-Fi, glass-fronted desks, and massage chairs for a fee. Because of this, Browning adds, “our duration of stay has increased from three hours to five.”


The new Urban Air offices on Airport Freeway are a lot of fun, too. Browning, who played semi-pro hockey as a freshman at Texas Christian University, describes himself as a “big child at heart.” That carefree attitude is what drives our creativity.


You may expect to take the arrows first and make blunders if you’re a disruptive startup trying new things. We think that rapidity and creativity ultimately triumph. We’d rather get things done fast, have an effect, and make some errors we can learn from than spend the next year refining an idea and then releasing it when it’s obsolete.


A company policy has been implement wherein all employees are issue iPhones rather than desk phones. Phone booths with banana scratch-and-sniff wallpaper provide a quiet place to talk privately. I want to foster an environment where employees aren’t shackle to their workstations, he adds.

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The cafeteria has a ping pong table, while “The Backyard” has a mini-golf course with fake grass, corn hole, ring toss, and a giant Jenga set.

When compared to meeting in a formal conference room on urban air Southlake, “we can be just as effective playing Ping-Pong and talking about an issue,” Browning adds. We’ve set up an Xbox gaming area. Let’s play some Madden and figure this out together.” Wednesday nights are known as “Wine Down Wednesdays” throughout the city.


“My parents liked to laugh about it,” Browning says of the day he was 7 and went door to door selling beaded bracelets he had crafted. Browning, then a TCU sophomore, launched his consumer analytics firm from his dorm room.


Two years later, he sold his firm to Rowland Hanson. A former Microsoft marketing and branding employee responsible for naming Windows, for $5 million in cash and shares. Browning began distributing the Zerona noninvasive body contouring laser via a privately owned healthcare firm she founded in 2009.

A repurposed aircraft hangar beneath the Golden Gate Bridge has a trampoline park used for X Games training. Which he discovered while in San Francisco to give a keynote at a technology and cosmetic surgery conference.

In Browning’s words urban air Southlake, “I thought, ‘Man, this is very intriguing. I remember asking my dad, “Dad, can you make it?” when I first had the concept. Put simply, “Can you make it come to life?” Yes, he confirmed.


Strangely, he hasn’t constructed another dwelling since then. With Urban Air, he has been quite active. On October 28, 2011, the first Urban Air opened in Southlake, not far from the company-owned location.

Browning saw that after two years, less and fewer people were visiting the store, and those who did were spending less time there.

“No matter what you’re doing at a trampoline park, you’re bouncing up and down. That’s the down payment urban air Southlake or first month’s rent on a mortgage, plus costs associated with attractions, working capital, marketing, insurance, and any other financial commitments associated with the property. According to Browning, it takes a franchisee two years to recoup that investment.


These new Urban Airs are being construct in low-priced vacant businesses like Toys R Us, Sears, and Walmart. Neighborhood Markets, and trampolines, previously the main emphasis, receive far less area.

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