How are Computer-Based Online Exams Conducted?

How are Computer-Based Online Exams Conducted

Measuring the outcomes of knowledge imparted to students requires optimized and quantifiable assessments in all forms of education and training. Assessments have been used for a long time in the evaluation process, but the pandemic has disrupted the normal course institutions used to follow to assess students.

Computer-based exams and online exam softwares were introduced to cater to the threats and vulnerabilities in the education sector in order to build a solid framework to protect academia from such disruptions. Although computer-based testing does not necessitate as many resources as its predecessor, pen-and-paper testing has revolutionized the way exams are conducted; however, some concerns have arisen regarding its credibility. As a result, the article discusses how compute-based testing is carried out in today’s evaluation system.

What exactly is a computer-based test?

Computer-based exams are often referred to as “online exams,” but there is a distinction to be made.

Computer-based exams, as the name implies, can be taken using an online examination system. Each student has a computer at the designated location. The exam question paper will be visible on the monitor screen. The correct responses must be entered by the student using the keyboard, mouse, or both. The computer that the student uses to take the online test is known as a “client” computer.

There is also a “server” computer connected to the internet. The test is administered by the server computer. One of the most appealing features of computer-based tests is their adaptability. It enables the organization to administer exams and quickly evaluate students’ test results and other data.

Computer-based exams, as opposed to offline exams, are a far more secure method of administering exams. Offline exams have a lot more room for error and a lot more unknowns. When properly administered, computer-based exams, on the other hand, can be stress-free and straightforward for both the test-taker and the organization issuing the exam.

The distinguishing feature of online exams is that they must be taken successfully with constant and uninterrupted internet access. Computer-based tests, on the other hand, can be administered even without an internet connection. It enables the organization to administer exams and quickly evaluate students’ test results and other data. Without enabling network access, the exam can be taken online, and the results can be saved locally on the system or transferred online to a web server.

Exams taken on a computer are more flexible because users can choose the best testing location and time frame for them. This is especially useful when a pandemic, such as Covid, necessitates many people taking exams from the comfort of their own homes. This feature allowed students to take exams from the comfort of their own homes.

The preceding arguments demonstrate the credibility and benefits of computer-based tests in the existing evaluation system. As can be seen, computer-based assessments are here to stay and will almost certainly continue to have a significant impact on the educational landscape. The fact that students now have a more comfortable option for taking tests than in the past will help the education sector grow significantly.

Why Use an Online Exam System?

The ability of any online examination system to develop tools and methods for detecting cheating, such as: 

The whitelist feature ensures the test’s security by preventing the student from opening any other window besides the test until the timer runs out.

When a student clicks on anything during the test, the programme automatically records and saves the procedure, then analyzes and adds all of the data to the detailed reports provided by the online exam system.

During the remote examination, the student is monitored both audibly and visually.

Creating detailed reports and comparing the student’s performance to that of his peers.

Online Examination System Features:

 a. Question Bank: The Type of Exam You Want

You can save an unlimited number of items with online exams software. You can also save time and effort by performing mass operations on a group of items. With a few mouse clicks, you can store, classify, import, and export items.

b. Adaptability of Item Banking in Online Exams Software

To ensure the success of any online exam software, it should provide you with access to the majority of question types, whether they are literal or complex formulas and mathematical equations, or images, drawings, symbols, and videos.

 The exam creation process is simple and adaptable.

c. Discover More Than One Exam Creation Method

  • Selection by hand: Choose one or more questions from the list. And then choose questions at random from the topic or subtopics.
  • Blue-Print Balanced Exam Generation: Create balanced exams based on predefined criteria. Cover all aspects of the involved lessons in order to have a balanced exam that fairly measures each of them.

d. Exams are delivered in a flexible and secure manner.

The Mercer Mettl team recently held a webinar on one of the goals of an online examination system, which is to provide a variety of exam delivery options, one of which is paper form exams. 

e. Cheat-Proof Online Tests: 

Exams Can Be Taken at Home Online tests can be securely delivered to students via the web and scored instantly. Some professors prefer online tests because they are more flexible, take less time, use less paper, and thus cost less.

f. Easily Obtain Online Tests for Your Students Using Mobile Phones

Some people prefer to use their phones instead of computers. They’re even faster, with fewer options and background applications to take up space.

As a result, this level of luxurious flexibility is now easily achievable. Delivering exams via iOS or Android is a critical component of the online exams software design, as is preventing test takers from using other apps. The concept of online exams has grown in popularity in order to compel everyone to attend school and to provide equal and high-quality opportunities to all learners, anywhere and at any time.

Recognize the importance of aptitude testing and select a career that both interests you and has a high chance of success. The aptitude tests by Mercer Mettl, an online exam platform which is straightforward and requires little preparation.

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