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Industrial automation has vast applications in maintenance applications and manufacturing settings. Through the adoption of the latest systems and networks, it is on a threshold of a new revolution. The implementation of automation in industries has also accelerated the development of Industry 4.0 technologies. MRO Electric is a one-stop solution for the industrial automation needs of a company.

It offers products such as PLCs, PCBs, power supplies, I/O modules, HMIS, etc., made by the best companies in the market. Using high-quality electrical products will allow specialized technicians to operate the business processes with a view to energy saving, prevention, and environmental sustainability.

Automation and Remote Control

The ultimate goal of products offered by MRO Electric is to arrive at fully automated factories, which can be easily configured, managed remotely, and with high operational adaptability. This way, high costs of reprogramming and modification of manufacturing processes are avoided. 

It ensures the economic and strategic advantage of having faster and more flexible production systems. In the field of the most advanced and dynamic Machine Automation, the prospect of fully remotely automated factories has existed for some time. 

Components Involved in Industrial Automation

An industrial automation system consists of three elements: 1) the power required to operate the system, 2) A program of instructions to run the processes, and 3) A control system. Following are some of the components that you’ll find at MRO Electric.

Industrial Box PC

These devices are designed for expansion and connectivity. It is suitable for processing tasks related to decentralized visualization and industrial image processing.


An extensive communication capability is an important part of machine control. Multiple high-speed Ethernet ports and legacy communication methods, such as serial RS-232 and RS-485, ensure responsive HMI communication in operations.


For every motor that is operational in the industry, proper electrical control is required. Good quality controllers are determined by their overload and overcurrent protection abilities. Some common controller devices are soft starters, manual motor starters, and motor contactors.

I/O Modules

These modules allow for communication between a peripheral device and a computer system. It helps in delivering input signals from a field device to a controller. It is a critical component of an industrial network.


A programmable Logic Controller is an industrial computer that helps in monitoring and controlling the electro-mechanical processes involved in automation and other manufacturing processes.


It would be impossible to construct many electronics without Printed circuit boards (PCBs). You can lower your overall costs using automated PCB assembly. We can enable traceability and manufacturing data analysis using an automated printed circuit board labeling solution.


The market requires increasingly customized products that do not cost too much and guarantee high performance. For this reason, the machines must be able to adapt to the changing demand conditions by implementing the principles of Industry 4.0. MRO Electric offers Fanuc, Schnieder Electric, Modicon, and Simatic products that enable companies to respond effectively to the market’s new needs.

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