How Lucky Is Your Zodiac Sign for 2023?

The new year is the perfect time to look at what the stars have in store for you. Yearly horoscopes, alongside birth charts and accurate psychic readings, can guide a person through the ups and downs of the year to come. Each zodiac sign has a unique set of houses, which are areas of the sky governing certain areas of life. Auspicious planets entering key houses can bring good luck, while those same planets going into retrograde may spell disaster. Here are some of the luckiest and unluckiest signs going into 2023.  

This Horoscope 2023 article has been curated by the esteemed astrologers of AstroSage especially for our readers belonging to different zodiac signs. It will help you learn about various aspects of your life, be it personal or professional, and plan your coming year 2023 accordingly. So without further ado, let’s get started with Horoscope 2023.

Luckiest Sun Signs 

Taurus is the sign that won’t be able to fail in 2023. Their work ethic is a perfect match for Jupiter’s kingly energy moving into their domain in May. All of Taurus’s hard work will pay off handsomely. The coming year will bring welcome wins after the chaotic eclipses in Taurus during 2022. 

Leos will have good luck this year as well, especially in their love life. Venus enters Leo’s domain in March, with Jupiter arriving soon after. Outgoing Leos have no trouble attracting partners, but they can be wary of deeper connections. With Venus’s influence, they will likely be able to open up enough to form lasting bonds. 

Leo natives should expect a mixed bag of outcomes from this year, according to their Leo horoscope for 2023. Saturn, that is residing in your sixth house at the start of the year, will make your enemies weaker as you keep them harassed and prevent them from defeating you. However, Brihaspati Maharaj will make you strong religiously while also causing financial issues by staying in your eighth house. Your zodiac lord the Sun, who is in the fifth house at the start of the year will also ensure that you have excellent financial status and that you are able to make significant academic advancements. However, the Budhaditya Yoga, which is formed by the conjunction of the Sun and Mercury, will provide you with knowledge and guidance. You will be considered a good student.

2023 forecast reveals that the month of April will be crucial for Leos because Jupiter, the lord of the fifth house, will move into your ninth house on April 22. This will bring wealth and the ability to provide any type of ancestor property, though you should postpone making any significant decisions for a while due to Rahu Jupiter’s Chandal Yoga in this area. Avoid doing any major job between May and August; otherwise something might go wrong. Beginning in August, your planetary transit will progressively move toward compatibility and bring you success.

Find the Best Psychic for You

If your sign is lucky this year, that’s a great reason to reach out to a psychic. Being prepared for good opportunities can sometimes be more difficult than planning for the worst. A career psychic reading can help evaluate new job opportunities if your sign is being visited by Jupiter this year.

Saturn will move from your tenth house into the eleventh on January 17, marking the beginning of your economic development. After that, things will gradually start to improve.

The Middle of the Pack 

Aquarius will have an exciting year full of new beginnings, but there will be issues to sort out as a result of these changes. Aries, Saggitarius, Virgo and Capricorn can expect to make steady progress on their goals this year.

Libras may find themselves shaken up when an eclipse transforms their birthday season, but if there’s one thing Libras love, it’s putting the universe back in order. Gemini and Pisces may see some small setbacks, but these signs are experts at rolling with the punches. 

Although Jupiter will bring you financial prosperity when it enters your eleventh house after mid-April, specifically on April 22, the Jupiter and Rahu union will not be very advantageous for you at this time but you will still receive money. Avoid making rash decisions since you can later regret them. Your financial situation will be strong because Jupiter will become Rahu free on October 30, and you will experience some special favourable results on June 4 thanks to the zodiac lord Mercury. Rahu will also be transiting through the tenth house on that date, which may lead to some changes in the field.

The Unluckiest Sun Signs

Cancer is in for three or four separate rude awakenings in 2023. Periods of huge progress alternate with crushing setbacks.

Scorpios are shaping up to have an unlucky year as well. Mars, their ruling planet, is in retrograde until March. That’s not a problem for reclusive Scorpio. The real challenge will be later in the year when the lucky signs enjoy major successes during Scorpio’s prime. 

New Year, New Psychic

If you’ve stuck with the same type of psychic reading for a while, let the new year inspire you to switch tactics. For example, a tarot psychic can use cards and symbols to answer pertinent questions in your life. It’s easy to search for quality tarot psychics online with tarot reading online reviews. Whether your 2023 forecast is lucky, unlucky or in between, a psychic can give a valuable outside perspective. 

However, the Annual Horoscope 2023 predicts that your chances of traveling abroad will increase between May and August of this year. During this time, your financial situation could deteriorate due to increased expenses and you could become a victim of a financial crisis. You must exercise caution since, starting on April 22, Jupiter will be conjunct Rahu and Sun in your twelfth house, which increases the likelihood that you’ll need medical attention.

The last two months of the year, November and December, will prove to be very good for you and will allow your all-around talent to develop. You will also have the opportunity to perform religious work. So take care when working because you could also receive compensation from the government administration.

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