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How To Collect Your Amazon Package In-Person

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The best part of buying things online is not having to waste time waiting in lines. Or money on gas to have them shipped directly to your house. There is typically a Delivery Fee. But it’s worth it to save spending the day waiting in line for a small selection of things. On a site like Amazon, where the stores are always crowded, shopping on a tight schedule next to impossible.

It’s true that Amazon’s delivery service is reliable and fast. But there are instances when you’d rather just pick up the products yourself. In such a scenario. How does one avoid waiting in line without forgoing the option of personally transporting the goods in question? In addition. If you’re sending a present to your parents, siblings, and children. But don’t want them to see the Amazon packaging. You can’t have it delivered to their house.

This is where Amazon pick-up comes in handy. It’s a service that lets you make an online purchase as you would from any other retailer. And then pick up your items from a local location. While Amazon is primarily an online retailer. You may be asking how it is feasible to visit a physical location to pick up an order. This company has thought of everything. So you can place an online purchase and pick up your package in a number of convenient ways.

It is not necessary for you to travel to the distribution center to collect your purchase. When everything else fails, you can always use Amazon pick-up. You can find out which additional stores serve as Amazon promo codes 20 off anything picks up at the hub. And where to pick up your packages by reading these 6 methods.


In addition to being the most common, this choice also has the lowest barrier to entry. There are more than 900 hub locations for Amazon Lockers across the country. You can select to have your order delivered to a locker instead of your home. You will receive an alert when your package has arrived. And then you may go there and use a unique 6-digit code to access it.

These lockers can found at Whole Foods, as well as other supermarkets, convenience stores, apartment complexes, shopping centers, and malls. Therefore, it’s likely that there are also options quite close to where you live or work. The vast majority of these lockers accessible at all hours of the day and night, as they often found in places like 24-hour convenience stores and apartment complexes. This would make retrieving your Amazon Package Box a breeze.

Going to the “delivery” section of your app or website. And clicking “pick a locker location” will get the job done. You can choose the date and time. That works best for you to pick up your order by adding this information to your address book. The kiosk locker can only accessed with a unique six-digit code that is emailed to you as soon as your package arrives at the designated location. If you don’t pick up your item within three days. Amazon will send it back to the fulfillment center and issue a refund.

Their requirements your package must meet before it may send to the. All items delivered to a locker must weigh less than ten pounds. And measure less than sixteen inches by twelve inches by fourteen inches. If they are too large to fit in the locker, you’ll have to figure out another way to get them.


The Amazon Hub Counter provides a second option for package pickup. They’ll help you pick the spot that’s most convenient for you, just like the lockers do. Here, on the other hand. A retail associate can just scan the email. The company sends you and passes over your amazon package box. Without the requirement for a security code.

If you’re too busy to pick up your own box. You can have someone else do it for you as long as they have your confirmation email. And the staff can check it against the email you provided. When you signed up. Also, you can pick up your order at the amazon pickup hub counter within seven days of its arrival.

They will return it to the warehouse and issue a refund if you don’t pick it up. You don’t need to be Prime Member for the store’s convenient curbside pickup option, but membership does guarantee lightning-fast shipment. In addition, we do not have any hidden fees.


Delivery to a nearby Amazon Book shop is just as easy, especially if you’re already a regular client there. While there, you can peruse the store’s hundreds of titles & Best Sellers. Which you can easily pick up on the spot.

When you pick up your package. You can also shop for cool gadgets and adorable toys. If you’ve had your eye on any of these items. The one drawback to this strategy is that there are now just 24 Amazon Book Stores in the country. Limiting your selection somewhat.

However, if you have a convenient shop near your house or place of business. You can enter it through the cash register. And proceed with the collection in much the same way as. If you had collected it from the counter. If it has not picked up within seven days of receiving the email notification that it has arrived, the store will Return it to the sender and issue a refund.


The Amazon 4-Star Store is another alternative for passing the time before you collect your package from the Post Office. In this one, you’ll find a wide variety of products. Including those for the home and kitchen. As well as for the kids in the form of toys, books, games, and much more. The name “4-star” comes from the outstanding customer ratings the featured products have received on Amazon.

There is nothing in this shop. That has less than a 4-star rating. And is not one of the best selling items on the app or website. In contrast to the bookstore. The Amazon Pickup service currently operates out of 43 sites across the United States, with plans to expand to even more cities in the near future. Locate the one most convenient to you, whether it be your house or place of business, and pick it up using the same procedure as in the counter collection.


Naturally, it was necessary to include this spot. While at Whole Foods Market for groceries, simply return your packages and pick them up. In fact, the Amazon Pickup Hub sits outside the store, so you don’t even have to enter the building to get your box. It’s as simple as placing an online grocery purchase, choosing the pickup option, and then waiting at one of the designated spots; just give yourself an hour just in case you get delayed in traffic or run late.

As you wait outside, a staff member brings your purchases. You may need to go inside the Whole Foods Market to display the confirmation email or collect your products if you are unable to find a designated pickup parking area. Inside, there are service desks you can approach with questions or concerns.

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