How to Create the Multi-Stage Sankey Chart?

When you want to tell a great data story about Multi-Stage Sankey Chart, you need to make proper use of excellent visuals. Converting raw data into visuals is the real deal when dealing with data-related content. Also, it has been prove that people do not like interacting with numbers. Most people who interact with data only like the insights extracted from the data.

This is why it is essential to convert your raw data into insights and compelling visuals that your readers will enjoy. Presenting data in a simple and compelling manner requires the application of a data visualization tool. Data visualization aids in breaking down complex data and converting it into visions that are attractive to the eye and easy to read.

When data is present in the form of visuals, it attracts the attention of your target market, making it easier for you to deliver your message to the right audience. The Sankey diagram is one of the best data visualization tools available that you can use to present data insights to your readers. If you are looking for a simple approach to use when displaying data to your readers, this is the most ideal option.

When speaking of a Sankey diagram excel, there are different types of Sankey diagrams that you can compose to present your data insights. This article elaborates on how we can create a multi-stage Sankey chart that reciprocates your data and communicates your intended message to the target audience. Let’s dig in!

What is a Sankey Diagram?

A Sankey diagram is a data base visualization tool specifically design to visualize flows in data. The chart visualizes how the data flows from one point to the other within a given organization. Within the chart, the elements connecting one data point to the other are call nodes. The connections that link one data point to the other are know as links.

The Sankey diagram was first invented by an Irishman who created it to evaluate the energy efficiency of a steam engine. Since the invention of the chart, it was mainly use to assess the flow of energy efficiency within different engine components in the engineering field.

The advancement in technology has revolutionize the application of a Sankey diagram, which is currently use in data visualization.

Currently, the Sankey diagram is among the most reliable data visualization tools specifically use to evaluate the flow of data or any other component depending on your preference. What makes a Sankey chart a reliable option is the fact that it displays data in different levels, and it is also attractive to the eye, making it a suitable option to attract the attention of your readers.

Components of a Multi-Stage Sankey Chart

The multi-stage Sankey diagram is among the most popular types of Sankey charts use by most business owners in data analysis.

The multi-stage Sankey chart is made up of different components that work together to achieve a uniform objective. These components include:


The flows in a Sankey diagram are use to connect the nodes. Every flow within the chart is determine by the name of its source and the target node. The length of the flow is determine by the magnitude of the data flowing through it.


Nodes are parts of a Sankey diagram link together by the flows. Also, they can be define as elements that represent the events in every path within the Sankey diagram.


Drop off are specific types of flow that lack a target node. Even though these components are not yet popular in most Sankey diagrams, it is always important to note them.

After learning the different components of a multi-stage Sankey diagram, you can now get start on how to create it.

Creating a Multi-stage Sankey Chart

A multi-stage Sankey chart works the same way as a typical Sankey diagram, although it comes with additional features that make data visualization easier. Even though it may sound like an odd type of Sankey diagram, it is use to visualize data flow within a business setting. Creating the multi-stage Sankey diagram is not as difficult as many believe.

Acquiring some basic knowledge on how to create a multi-stage Sankey diagram can make your entire work easier. In order to create this Sankey diagram, you need the intervention of other additional tools designed to help your money over the process. It is no secret that creating a Sankey diagram without the aid of any additional tool is a complex task that is likely to consume most of your time.

If you do not want to waste time but you intend to create an impeccable Sankey diagram, the Sankey diagram maker is the best alternative in this case. The Sankey diagram maker is a third-party application you can download from the web and compose a multi-stage Sankey diagram with all your data outlined on it. In addition, you will need to involve Microsoft Excel in the process in order to compose a more reliable visual.

Sankey Diagram,

Before you think of creating a multi-stage Sankey diagram, ensure that you have accurate data at your disposal and access to Microsoft Excel. Remember that you don’t need to pay a single coin in order to use Excel. You need to extract your data from its respective sources and outline it on your spreadsheet, ready to start. You can then install the Sankey diagram maker of your choice from the Microsoft store, depending on your choice.

Note that there are multiple third-party applications that are use to compose Sankey charts. To choose the most appropriate option, consider your data visualization goals, budget, and user-friendliness. Once you install the application, you can access it via the spreadsheets dashboard on the extensions button. Provided that you have all the data with you, the application will take over the responsibility and compose the multi-stage Sankey chart on your behalf.

Once the final Sankey chart is display on your screen, you will realize that it lacks various essential details need for proper data visualization. This means that you need to add some more information that will make the chart more suitable to display the message you want. In order to make changes, click on the edit button on the main menu to enter the editing mode and make your necessary changes.

An editing icon will appear all over their chart, giving you room to make all your preferred changes and customize the Sankey chart based on your needs. Once you are done with the editing, you can exit the editing mode and have the final output.


The Sankey diagram maker is the most ideal tool that you can use to compose a multi-stage Sankey diagram. The tool has all the necessary features required to design a multi-stage Sankey chart within minutes and deliver it depending on your needs. You can as well make changes to the colors and align them with your brand identity.

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