How to cure common fungal infections as athlete’s foot?

fungal infections

Sometimes, infections with no timely cure and care potentially lead to long-term complications which ruin the quality of enjoyment of life. Whether it is a physical illness or mental, should be taken care of at the appropriate time to reduce further health risks. Athletes’ foot is also a common disease around the globe, which normally affects the population who wear tight footwear, and contaminated socks and interact with polluted surfaces constantly for longer hours.

 No disease is harmless, it is essential to get it treated as a first priority. Taking no medication or treating it at home can increase the risk of it becoming chronic and a major source of discomfort and pain. This disease is mainly seen in the population who play sports a lot, like footballers, sprinters and cricketers etc.

They are more exposed to this disease than others since they do heavy training throughout the day and especially in summer when the temperature is not favourable, they get their socks stinky and sweaty shoes which allows the germs to form infection. Although there can be some other causes of this disease which will be discussed in this article, to let you know about its home treatments, complications and causes. So, let’s get straight into this.

What is an athlete’s foot disease?

As it is mentioned in its name, this disease is related to athletes, although its other name is “Tinea Pedis”. It is a common fungal infection which shows its symptoms on the feet, particularly right between the toes.

This disease often gets quite painful and hard to treat if left untreated for a long time. The same fungus can also grow on other parts of the body. Hence, fungus requires a warm and moist area to grow, which the tightly worn shoes provide it.

Does an athlete’s foot go away on its own?

No!, this fungal infection needs medication on time, it can not disappear on its own. It needs medication and if left untreated for a while can potentially lead to the development of awful fissures in the affected area. Additionally, cracks will begin to form on the feet that expose your infection to other bacteria to make the healing process more complicated.

How long can an athlete’s foot last?

In general, the mild form of this disease will be healed with the right medication in under 3 weeks of span. But doctors recommend carrying on the treatment up to a certain date to follow the whole course in order to reduce the risks of developing it again in your feet. So, it’s better to treat it timely which won’t let you suffer from pain and develop more complications.

Causes of athlete’s foot:

These are the common causes of the development of this disease in the feet and somehow on the other parts of the body.

An athlete’s foot is formed in your feet due to the same type of fungus called “dermatophytes” which causes the jock itch and ringworm. Moreover, if you remain exposed to a person who is already infected, it may be the cause of your disease.

If you wear contaminated socks, interact with polluted surfaces that are already infected with surfaces like towels and other accessories. If you pick or harshly scratch the infected area and touch the surfaces, you can potentially make the areas infected you interact with. So keep in your mind, when you diagnose with such a disease, you need to limit your interactions with others until it gets treated.

Signs of athlete’s foot:

  • Flaky skin
  • Dry skin on both sides of the bottom of the feet
  • Blisters
  • Cracks on the affected area
  •  Heavy-Itching
  • Inflammation on the skin
  • Burning sensation

How to treat athlete’s foot at home?

These are the effective tips that you should keep in mind if you are diagnosed with this disease amd treat athlete’s foot at home.

  • OTC treatments: Over-the-counter treatments can be helpful a lot curing this disease on time. The medication varies in concentrations, and there are different forms of medications, such as lotion, powdered, ointments, and sprays. Most of the time, a mild to moderate form of athlete’s foot respond well to OTC treatment. You may apply these medications directly on the affected area for about 2 weeks to see a notable difference in the severity of the disease.
  • Neem oil treatment: Neem extracts and neem oil is widely known for their anti-bacterial properties that may heal this disease. You can apply the neem oil directly on the affected area 3 to 4 times a day. As this has anti-fungal properties, so it may be helpful in preventing the development of bacteria under the toes. Apply it for 2 weeks and see the difference.
  • Alcohol treatment: Alcohol can be an instantly accessible solution just like hydrogen peroxide at homes for direct application on the affected area. Alcohol has certain properties which are anti-fungal and heals the infection at rapid speed.
  • Garlic treatment: Garlic is known for its high level of scent and it is proven beneficial as a topical treatment for athlete’s foot. It has anti-fungal properties which prevent further damage to the foot and promote healing of the infection.
  • Talcum powder treatment: You must be surprised how can talcum powder heal an infection. We just use the powder for its scent and to prevent bad odour. But talcum powder may essentially, keep the infected area dry and cleaned. As it becomes tough for the fungus to spread and thrive in that area. This also helps to clear up the moisture level.
  • Hydrogen peroxide: Everybody knows about the efficacy of the solution “hydrogen peroxide” which is the main anti-bacterial solution in every first aid kit. No matter the type of infection, when it comes to killing the germs, this solution works just flawlessly. Keep in your mind, the application of this solution may sting for a while, especially for open wounds. So, you will have to apply it with a little care.


If you are diagnosed with this disease or you get to know the symptoms, the first thing is to do house-based treatment to start the curing process. You should use neem oil for killing germs which is the ultimate step in the treatment. As soon as you disinfect the area, make sure to see a doctor as soon as possible to get prescribed some medicines followed by a course to get rid of this infection.

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