How to delete a Reddit account?

delete reddit account

A Reddit account is a username and password combination that allows users to post, comment, and vote on content found on the social news site Reddit. Although creating an account is not required to browse Reddit, it is necessary to participate in certain activities, such as posting comments or voting on posts. Signing up is fast and easy only requiring an email address. Once an account is created, users can begin posting content or commenting on other people’s posts.

If you’re done with Reddit, it’s easy to delete your account.

Follow these steps and your account will be erased immediately.

How to delete your Reddit account on a desktop?

If you’re ready to say goodbye to Reddit, here’s how to delete your account. Just keep in mind that once you’ve deleted your account, there’s no going back.

Log in to your Reddit account

Click the drop-down menu here and click user setting

Click on red to deactivate the account

Log in and insert your username and password once doing that click the red deactivate account then your account is gone.

How to delete your Reddit account on mobile?

Deleting a Reddit account is different on mobile than it is on desktop. Here’s how to do it:

Open your preferred browser then type the

You are at the homepage of reddit account tap on the three lines at the top right

Scroll to the button and tap on the login or sign up button

Continue with google or apple once you are logged into your account tap at the three lines at the top right then tap on setting.

When you are on the account settings scroll down to the very button as you can see the delete option and tap on it

Type the username and password you want to delete and tap on the delete


In conclusion, if you want to delete your Reddit account, you can do so by following the steps above. When you decide to delete your account, you cannot recover it. So if you’re sure you want to get rid of your Reddit account, go ahead and hit that delete button.

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