How to delete a video on tiktok?

delete tiktok videos

TikTok is an online platform that allows users to upload short videos in which they lip-sync or dance to songs. TikTok has found increased popularity among adolescents in recent years. Some people worry that TikTok is harmful because it encourages users to behave in silly or embarrassing ways for the sake of getting views and likes. However, many people believe that TikTok is harmless fun and that it can even be used to creatively express oneself.

Video is a powerful medium that can be used for many purposes. It can be used to educate, entertain, and persuade. It can also be used to raise awareness about important issues or to document events. Video is an increasingly popular way to communicate, and its potential is only beginning to be explored.

If you’re done with your TikTok videos and are ready to delete them, here’s how. All it takes is a few seconds to delete a TikTok video. Here’s how to do it.

Why is TikTok Taking Over the Internet?

TikTok allows users to create 15-second videos on any topic and share them. The app has been downloaded more than 1 billion times and is particularly popular among Gen Zers.

There are several reasons for Tiktok’s popularity. First, the app is easy to use and provides a quick way to consume content. Second, it offers a wide range of content, from funny videos to cooking tutorials. And finally, TikTok allows users to interact with their favorite celebrities; many stars have joined the platform in recent months and often post exclusive content that can’t be found anywhere else.

In short, TikTok is taking over the internet because it’s fun, easy to use, and offers a unique form of entertainment.

How to delete a video on TikTok from your phone?

Open the TikTok app

Go to your “Profile”

Find the video you wish to delete.

Tap the three dots to the right of the video’s source.

Tap “Delete”

How to delete a draft video from TikTok?

 Open the TikTok app

 Go to your profile

 Tap on “Drafts”

Select the video you want to delete

 Tap “Delete”


In conclusion, if you want to delete a TikTok video, you first need to go to your profile page. Then, tap on the “…” icon next to the video that you want to delete. A pop-up will appear asking if you’re sure that you want to delete the video. Tap “Delete” to confirm.

Written by Abhinash Abi

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