How To Draw Hello Kitty For Kids Drawing | Drawing Tutorial

How To Draw Hello Kitty For Kids Drawing | Drawing Tutorial

For Kids Drawing Despite her little stature and lovable personality, Hello Kitty has gained international fame. Since her debut in 1974, Hello Kitty has appeared on various goods, including toys, accessories, and clothes.

Because of its simple yet effective design, Hello Kitty is a pleasant subject to learn to draw because of her recognisable aesthetic. If you want to learn how easy and fun it can be to recreate this vintage kitty, For Kids Drawing should read the complete guide.

Following our step-by-step instructions, you can learn how to draw Hello Kitty in just six easy stages.

Easy Hello Kitty Drawings For Children


  • One of the most recognisable elements of the design is her small bow sitting atop her head. We shall sketch this bow now since, without it, no instruction on how to draw Hello Kitty would be complete.
  • For the bow’s centre, you can draw a very small circle. Since it doesn’t have to be a precise circle, drawing it by hand will work well.
  • You can draw a curved line from the sides for each bow’s wings. To mimic the wrinkles in the bow, put a few tiny lines inside these wings.


  • Outline Hello Kitty’s head.
  • The bow is an important part of the Hello Kitty design, but it’s not the only thing that makes the cartoon character recognisable.
  • Additionally, she is well known for having a big, round head, which we will illustrate in this step.
  • Keep the bow you drew in the previous step at the top right corner of your head as you draw.
  • The main part of her head is portrayed as a big, rounded oval. The ears are then positioned on the sides of the top of the head, quite a distance away from one another.
  • These will be portrayed as several triangle shapes with rounded tops. The one on the right will also be behind the bow from the first step.


  • Next, make the body of Hello Kitty.
  • We will start drawing the body of Hello Kitty in this lesson phase and finish drawing the head later.
  • Her head is slightly larger than her body, which is made up of pretty straightforward shapes. Curved lines that extend from the character’s head might be used to depict their small, rounded physique.
  • Her arms are depicted by straightforward curving lines, with the right arm raised in a wave.


  • Don’t forget the whiskers.
  • The fourth section of your Hello Kitty drawing will be quite simple. All you will do in this phase is add a few whiskers to her face.
  • Three straight lines added to each of her cheeks—which are drawn pretty simply—will complete this phase.
  • That’s all there is to it; the next step will involve adding some final details.


  • You can now complete your Hello Kitty drawing.
  • We still need to add a few more features to this part of our tutorial on how to design Hello Kitty, but you’ll soon be able to colour your drawing.
  • We must finish her face first. But the procedure is pretty simple! Her eyes are represented by two tiny ovals that are entirely black. These will be fairly widely spaced and close to the sides of her skull.
  • You may represent her simple nose by drawing an ellipse between her eyes. You can draw her legs now that you’ve taken care of her face.
  • Additionally, this will be fairly easy! All you need to do is draw a straight line across her body towards the base.
  • Then, draw a vertical line through the centre to depict her legs. That takes care of the last bit of material in this handbook, but feel free to add more!
  • Adding a lovely background is one option for making this Hello Kitty drawing look finished. Additionally, you could draw some lovely frills and accessories for her.


  • To finish the Hello Kitty drawing, add colour.
  • Now that you’ve completed drawing Hello Kitty, it’s time to colour her in so she can come to life!
  • Your interpretation of Hello Kitty, who has experienced several design, colour, and style modifications throughout the years, is up to you.
  • As you colour Hello Kitty, you may show off your artistic side and give her a hip new look. Because Hello Kitty is commonly associated with this colour, we decided to give her a lovely pink colour scheme in our reference image.
  • Instead of using this conventional colour scheme, you might select to use any of your favourite hues.
  • For a piece of art like this, using materials like coloured pens, markers, or paint may result in distinctive colours that stand out.

Which colour scheme do you want to use when drawing Hello Kitty?

Here are some pointers to help you draw Hello Kitty better:
You may improve this charming Hello Kitty sketch with these pleasant and straightforward recommendations.

The fictional character Hello Kitty is associated with style and fashion. Although we kept the style of this Hello Kitty picture a little more straightforward, you could certainly give her a little makeover!

This might be accomplished by just slapping a tiny picture or emblem onto her outfit. It might even be more difficult than buying her a new dress!

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