How To Effectively Write & Structure an Opinion article? A Detailed Guide


An opinion article is basically your opinion on the issue. It can be any issue pertaining to politics, society, education, development, or a scientific theory. However, the opinion does not mean that you can incessantly exaggerate the issue. On the other hand, an opinion article is a balanced account of rhetorical assertions targeted at eliciting emotional responses from the readers coupled with statistics and analysis. An opinion article encompasses the use of logic and emotional language to provoke readers’ thoughts and compel them to take action or dwell on the issue.

What is an opinion article?

An opinion article often called an op-ed article, is published in the newspapers. The opinion section is a newspaper’s most widely read portion because it provides multi-varied perspectives on various issues. Authors provide their commentary and analysis on social, political, economic, educational, and scientific developments occurring in a particular country or at the global level. These articles provide an interesting perspective on the issues and enlighten the readers about the various underpinnings of many issues.

The purpose of these articles is to educate the public about the gravity of the issues by providing rigorous analysis and perspectives of the author on the issue. Leading newspapers receive contributions from policy analysts, economists, political commentators, scientists, historians, and development and climate experts. These experts provide their expert opinion on the latest developments and differ from the mundane narration of news events. The opinion articles weave the events and concepts interestingly and articulate their thoughts to provoke the readers to think deeply about the issue.

Moreover, the articles aim to bring about healthy criticism in society by shedding light on the strengths and shortcomings of various policy measures, development-related issues, political narratives, environmental concerns, and educational issues. Opinion articles are a great way to express your thoughts on any issue and can help policymakers to benefit from your perspective. You can inspire a change through your analysis and commentary, so it must be written with clarity coupled with logical analysis.

What are the essential features of an opinion article?

An opinion article is written from the writer’s perspective and expresses their views on the issue. It differs from the journal articles because it is a crisp and brief analysis of the issue. However, the author must aim to add value to the body of knowledge and avoid taking a biased position. It must present a balanced account of the issue by including reliable statistics, logical reasoning and employing language devices for style and clarity. The fundamental idea of writing opinion articles is to ignite constructive discussions on various societal and scientific issues. Additionally, they help debate the potential outcomes of various policy measures and scientific developments and their repercussions for the larger society.

How to write and structure an opinion article?

Writing an opinion article entails paying heed to the following advice:

Short and Specific

An opinion article is short and specific because you are not writing a research paper. In a research paper, you have the leverage of words to explain the issue deeply with background knowledge and every detail. However, you must be short and specific in an opinion article and keep it crisp because people do not have time to read extensive articles. You should aim to convey your opinion in no longer than 750 or 1,000 words. In the modern world, people have short attention spans, requiring quick information in a short amount of time. It is always best to review the articles in the leading newspapers to get a clear idea of opinion articles. In an opinion piece, it is appropriate to provide one or two ideas you can make convincingly and go into great detail about them. A single rationale is not the only way to make a specific argument. It may also refer to a particular area or culture, and you must appeal to the general sentiments of the people while writing the article.

Consider your Audience

It is always important to structure your writing according to the sentiments and expectations of your audience. The audience must be able to relate to your ideas; therefore, identification of your audience beforehand is imperative. Identification of the audience helps you determine the tone and language you would employ in the writing piece. Moreover, it is imperative to avoid using jargon-riddled language because the purpose of an opinion article is to convey your opinion and knowledge on the subject to a layman.

Explore Novel Arguments

An opinion article provides a unique perspective on an issue. It does not reiterate things like a news narration but provides a unique perspective to the readers. For example, if you want to write about education and write that education is good, then you are not incentivising the readers to read it further. So, first of all, it is imperative to create a catchy title for the opinion piece to compel the reader’s attention. For example, “The doldrums of democracy”. Afterwards, you must use attention grabbers to capture the reader’s attention. For instance, Democracy is reeling, and even the advanced democracies are going through a tumultuous experience. Now, this statement would compel the reader to read further about the issue because it is a contemporary phenomenon, and many people are concerned with the health of democracy in the contemporary world and whether it will survive the onslaught of authoritarianism and populism. Writing an opinion article entails composing novel arguments inundated with complex reasoning, which is not easy; therefore, if you need help writing opinion articles, you can always get help from expert writers at Coursework Writing Services.

Get to the Point

The introduction section must be short and crisp, convincing the reader to read further. However, after pitching the ideas in the introduction, the next step is to get to your point and avoid getting off-track. So, you must get to the point and start discussing the article’s main theme.


An opinion article sheds light on various socio-political and scientific issues by providing a fresh perspective to the readers. It is a short and crisp account of the issue and compels the readers to think deeply about it; therefore, it must provide a balanced explanation of the events and concepts.

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