How to Recite the Quran with Tajweed properly?

Recite the Quran

The Quran is a Holy book sent by the Almighty Allah. It is in Arabic and has certain rules to recite it. We should recite the Quran with Tajweed properly because it is a sensitive book. If we miss any rule or don’t follow tajweed, the meanings of the verses can completely change. 

As we read and learn different other books too, it is important for Muslims to learn the correct tajweed for the recitation of the Quran. The Quran recited with correct tajweed has a greater reward. 

To learn Quran with Tajweed properly:

Learning tajweed is not a difficult task. We just need to know the rules properly and follow them. These rules are written on some of the Qurans. 

Here are some practical tips, that will help you recite the Quran with proper tajweed:

1. Listen to famous native Arab Qaris (like Al-Husary, Abdelbasit, etc) 

As Quran is also in the Arabic language, the native Arab Qaris have a very good pronunciation and understanding of the Makharij (the accurate pronunciation of Arabic letters i.e where the sound come from). 

Listening to the Qaris or the Imams of the two Holy mosques, can really help us to clear our arabic accent. As listening has a great impact on humans, and helps to memorise a thing faster, listening to authentic Quranic recitation repeatedly, can help us adopt the same accent and tajweed. 

Everything is available through the Internet nowadays. We can access the recitation of any Qaari and listen to it. We can also learn the basics of tajweed through different videos available online. 

2. Hiring a native Arab tutor

To learn tajweed at the comfort of our own house, we can hire an Arab tutor, who can teach us the rules of tajweed and can help us develop a better arabic accent for the recitation of Quran. 

Hiring a native Arab tutor can be beneficial in building a better routine too. We often get lazy and don’t remain consistent. Having a tutor teach us everyday at a specific time can help us learn effectively. 

The tutor can also be helpful in clearing any doubts we have regarding Tajweed and Makharij. We can ask the tutor multiple times and he/she can explain to us the proper way of reciting the Quran. The tutor can also teach us other important things about the Quran. 

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3. Enrol in a structured Tajweed course 

A proper online tajweed course can be really beneficial in building the understanding of the tajweed and Makharij rules. The structured course will be organised in a way that will make learning and practicing easy. The different rules of tajweed are carefully planned one by one so that the learners can have a grip on one topic and then move on to the next. 

The Makharij and vowels are the important rules of tajweed. A proper course and an experienced teacher can help us gain knowledge about them gradually and in an effective way. 

4. Put too much effort in learning Makharij precisely

All the letters of the Arabic language are pronounced in different ways which can be difficult for a new person to understand.  

In order to serve the correct meanings of the words, the Makharij should be pronounced precisely. 

We should put our best effort and be consistent in learning the proper Makharij so that we are rewarded for reading the Quran. If we don’t recite the Quran properly, we will be cursed. 

The different words of the Arabic language are pronounced from other parts of the mouth. 

For example, 6 letters (خ،ح،ع،غ، ہ، ء) are pronounced from the throat. Some letters are pronounced from the tongue, whereas some letters have their Makharij from the nose. 

It can be challenging to remember all the correct Makharijs of different letters. But we have to try our best and keep practicing. 

5. Focus on implementing the rules you learn effectively

The rules of tajweed which we learn either by videos, by Tajweed courses or by an experienced tutor, are of no use if we don’t implement them while reciting the Holy Quran. 

We shouldn’t just learn the proper tajweed just for the sake of it, but should also apply and use these whenever we recite the Quran even while praying too. 

Allah rewards the person who makes more effort for the Quran and tries to read it as is expected. 

The Quran is the book of our Creator. We should read it every day with tajweed properly so that the purpose of reciting the Holy Book is served. If we’re not perfect, or can’t acquire the proper pronunciation, we should not give up, instead, we should keep trying according to our ability and put in our best efforts to become better and better to please our beloved Creator.  If we will follow the quran and Islam we will get successful in life.

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