Interesting Facts about Famous Mosques around the World

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Mosque or ‘Masjid’ is a holy and sacred place where Muslims gather five times a day to worship and say the name of Allah, the creator. An interesting fact about mosques is that they are also an emblem of the beauty, culture, architecture, art, and craft of a particular country or city. Many rulers, emperors, and leaders had built mosques in their eras. Some of the mosques represent Islamic culture while some represent the magnificence of historic rulers and their reigns. These amazingly built pieces of architecture are worth visiting places for Muslims and non-Muslims as well. Many people from around the world visit the famous mosques to witness the glory and grandeur of Muslim history and culture.

Interesting Facts about Famous Mosques

Mosques are used by Muslims to offer prayer basically. Prayer or commonly known as ‘Salat’ is the obligatory worship that they have to do five times a day. Muslims went to the mosque for ‘Salat’. Moreover, mosques are also employed as centers of research for the study of Islam.

Mosques are designed and built differently according to the place and its culture. People hire architects and builders to design and develop the design of a mosque according to the culture and requirements of that place. However, the style of building mosques has evolved and changed with the advent of technology and architectural advancements. Below are some interesting facts about famous mosques around the world.

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1.     Masjid-al-Harm (Makkah, Saudi Arabia)

One of the holiest and most sacred places among Muslims is Masjid-al-haram located in Makkah, Saudi Arabia. It is the largest mosque in the world and can accommodate nearly 1.5 million worshippers at once. This mosque is built around Kaaba which serves as a ‘Qibla’ for Muslims. Muslims face Qibla while they offer ‘Salat’. Different rulers reconstructed and modified the mosque many times, and the most important Islamic rituals of ‘Hajj’ and ‘Umrah’ are performed here. That is why; this mosque has a very significant place in the hearts of all the Muslims in the world.

2.     Masjid-e-Nabwi (Madina. Saudi Arabia)

The second most sacred and loved mosque by Muslims all over the world is Masjid-e-Nabwi as initially, the Holy Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) built this mosque. That is why this is the most loved mosque after Masjid-al-Haram.

People also refer to this mosque as the Prophet’s Mosque. Nearly every Muslim wants to visit this mosque once in their lifetime. The mosque has the capacity to accommodate almost 1 million worshippers. Another important fact about this mosque is that the Prophet’s (PBUH) tomb is also located here.

3.     Sheikh Lotfollah Mosque (Esfahan, Iran)

People called this mosque “the ‘Mosque of Women’ ” because it had a tunnel that connected the mosque to the Ali Ghaplu Palace, which allowed women to visit the mosque without getting noticed by outsiders or males.

Another amazing fact about the mosque is that it has got tiles on the exterior dome that change color from cream to pink throughout the day. Decorators adorned the mosque with blue and turquoise colored tiles.

4.     Shah Faisal Mosque (Islamabad, Pakistan)

This mosque was built in the year 1986. It is the largest mosque in Pakistan and South Asia as well. It is also the fourth-largest mosque in the world. The mosque’s building represents modern Islamic architecture very beautifully. It is also declared Pakistan’s National Mosque.

5.     Sultan Omer Ali Saifuddin Mosque (Bandar Sri Begawan, Brunei)

People consider Sultan Omer Ali Saifuddin mosque as the most beautiful mosque in South East Asia, not only for worship but also for visiting to witness its beauty. It is a very famous tourist attraction and a historical site as well. The mosque has a very tall minaret which makes this mosque the tallest building in Bandar Sri Begawan. The Sultan ordered the removal of the top story of the nearby building so that the mosque’s minaret would become the highest in the area, as per the report. People visiting Brunei should not miss visiting this mosque and its tall beautiful minaret reaching the skyline.

6.     Sheikh Zayed Mosque (Abu Dhabi, UAE)

This mosque is indeed a beautiful structure and a pleasing treat for the eyes. The mosque has beautiful architecture with gardens in the courtyard. The tomb of the first president of the UAE, Sheikh Zayed is also located in the mosque. The mosque is also named after him. The mosque has 82 domes and more than 1000 columns. An interesting fact about the mosque is that it has chandeliers covered with gold and it has also got the world’s largest hand knotted-carpet. The mosque can easily accommodate more than 40,000 worshippers at one time.

7.     Hassan II Mosque (Casablanca, Morocco)

This is the world’s third largest mosque with a 210 m high minaret rising above the ocean. Some amazing facts about the mosque are it has heated flooring for the convenience of worshippers in cold weather. The mosque has also a glass floor and a retractable roof as well.

King Hassan II ordered the construction of the mosque. He wished that the city should have a building that can distinguish this place from others till the end of time. It took thirteen years to build this mosque which is still present as a masterpiece and a historical monument worth visiting.

Final Comments

There are many beautiful mosques around the world that are famous either for the history they behold or their distinguishing architecture. The Muslims have built these mosques containing worth seeing buildings with passion and infatuation. They are a place of worship for Muslims where they can say the name of Allah and remember their creator. The peace and calmness one can get inside a mosque cannot be available anywhere else in the world.

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