Launching a Mobile Game in Dubai: What to Know


The gaming industry is evolving and truth be told – along with the consoles you see – the mobile gaming industry is not behind either. And considering how Dubai is one of the biggest emerging gaming markets right now, there is room for you to get into the ecosystem and start away with your own project.

Figures show us that the UAE is projected to have around 4.3 million gaming users by 2027 and the number will exponentially grow as the country further progresses.

Keep reading as we look at what it takes to launch a mobile game. Let’s start. 

Research well

Plan well and predict the entire outlook of the game. Figure out what your audience wants and what kind of game would appeal the most to them. A mobile app development company in Dubai can help you launch a gaming app only when you are willing to provide the insights needed. Research matters and here, the type of gameplay you select will define everything.

A puzzle game? An open-world game? A duel fighting game? A shooter game? A racing marathon? Keep asking questions and see what your audience would like the most and if it fits with modern-day standards.

And be as unique and creative as you can be here. What kind of characters would you like to see? How will the storyline progress along? Nowadays, even a mobile game can be detailed and incapacitating.

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Choose a toolkit

In a technologically advanced ecosystem – creating a game from scratch would require the help of a well-governed set of gaming engines. You do not necessarily need a team of coders. People who understand how to use a certain software are more than enough.

  • Unity
  • GameSalad
  • Godot
  • GameMaker

These are just a few out of a dozen tools that you can resort to. We honestly recommend Unity for any kind of gaming project considering the efficiency and the user-friendliness exhibited. You should ideally be looking at a tool that is built for multi-platform use and enables you to work on either 2D or 3D graphics.

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Figure out a programming language

For gaming apps, the two industry standard languages are C# (C-sharp) and Python. Both are perfect in their own way and being object-oriented languages, there is room for creativity and analytical thought. And especially in the case of Python, the libraries enable you to do more than what you could with ordinary gaming environments.

And C# has an easy-to-understand interface. The language is designed to be used by anyone, achieving expertise is not an issue, and once a mobile app development Bahrain would be overseeing the project – you would have no problem either.

Collaborate with a game development company

In the Middle East, there is a growing ecosystem for gamers and the overall gaming industry – finding a worthwhile development is not as difficult. In fact, collaboration with the right development company can help you upscale quickly and in the right direction.

You need a partner that is willing to provide insights while not overlooking your personal stake on the project. Taking ownership matters but so does your own creative outlook on the game. Finding a company that understands such a match is the goal. Research and narrow down your options. While consulting a company, refer to their portfolio, and see what kind of projects they have worked on.

How long did it take to complete the projects? Where do those games stand now? What do their clients have to say? Read reviews on Clutch and other forums to conclude with an unbiased answer.

Figuring out the gameplay

More on the research bit here – you have to specify and plan out a blueprint to showcase to the development and design team. Along with the storyline, figure out how the controls would look like and where users would like to navigate towards.

Every little detail matters. Music. The non-playable characters. Everyone.

And most importantly, exhibit a culture of testing and improvisation. While communicating with the development company, assure them that constant changes would be needed and in a gaming environment, test runs matter a lot.

Releasing the game

Along with tests and improvements, it is also important to release the game right away and wait for feedback and early reviews. Once the game is out there, a certain audience would show up, and you can decide whether that is where you want to settle, or if you want to expand even more.

Make sure you discuss a detailed marketing and post-production plan here. The success of your game is more dependent on the aftermath of the development process – how you proceed with marketing the product.


And that is about it. A fully-fledged game developed by mobile game app development company can be released in a streamlined manner as long as you follow given protocols and understand the intensity of the project. We suggest you keep learning and do your own research before any kind of partnership. Look around and see how the gaming ecosystem is developing in the GCC region and the rest of the globe.

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