How to replace the battery in your car and choose the best battery for your vehicle in Dubai

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If you search for ‘how to mercedes battery replacement and get the results, it will show a wide array of confusing and often totally useless articles about how to change a faulty battery. It’s no surprise that caution should be taken when working with electrical components, particularly those circuits with high current that are in the car electronic components. In the end, the information you need to install a brand new car battery is simple and straightforward to follow, mercedes battery replacement.

How long do car battery last?

Unfortunately, the life span of the battery in a car is limited and modern batteries are more durable than they did in time of black and white. As the quantity of technology that we use in our daily lives as well, so is the need for batteries, which is why there is a necessity to expand capacity.

Modern automated stop-start systems may be beneficial for fuel efficiency and environmental protection However, they can help give your battery a thorough paste too. You’ll be pleased to learn that dead or defective batteries are among the most requested callouts for breakdown assistance. There’s no need to be waiting for the inevitable event since if you pay attention to the condition of your battery, you’ll be able to recognize the first indications of a possible failure. Be on the lookout for obvious signs like dim lighting in the interior or an engine that isn’t able to start. If you notice these indicators that it could be beneficial to test your battery.

Finding the problem early will mean you’ll get the best replacement battery at your convenience and not be forced to make a costly urgent purchase. A professional battery test will verify that it’s actually the battery that is to blame and not one part of the vehicle’s electrical system. In either case you can be able to avoid paying a large bill in the future.

Car battery kinds and sizes:

In the beginning, you must to choose the right battery for your vehicle. Unfortunately, it’s not one that fits everyone’ however choosing the right battery shouldn’t be a nightmare. Car batteries are available in a variety of dimensions and styles. Every battery is identified by three or four-digit code, such as 075 or 096T. The code indicates the power rating, size and the terminal position on the battery among other things. It also helps to identify the right substitute battery to fit your mercedes battery replacement.

Although the lead-acid type battery is still widely used however, various cars need different kinds of batteries, based on the on-board system they have. If your vehicle has stop/start functions, the battery needs to be tuned to the onboard computer. That’s why the installation of the ECM or AGM battery is likely to be an assignment for an expert. Additionally, if you install the wrong size or type of battery for every vehicle on the road, this may result in a drastic loss of performance. In general make sure you use the same dimensions and type that the original manufacturer’s.

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While it may appear at first, a quick glance through the owner’s guide should contain all the details you require. In addition, although the internet can be a useful source, a lot of websites of the suppliers let you enter the registration number of your vehicle to locate the appropriate specifications for your car.

If you search online you stand a great chance of getting a huge price, with the added benefit of having your new heavy battery delivered right to your doorstep.

When you remove your failed old battery, be aware that it powers a variety of components in your car which will likely be reset if the power source is shut off. Have you got the correct code to turn on the stereo, for instance? You might need this code to be able to use it when you connect the battery, or else you’ll be charged a second time or worse, you could be without music.

Reconnecting the battery from your old one:

Most batteries are underneath the bonnet, but certain batteries are located under the footwell or inside the boot. If you’re not sure, look up the manual for your vehicle’s owner. If you can, make an exact note of which terminal you are using. Once you’re in a position to remove the old battery, first remove the terminal that is negative. Then, disconnect from the terminals that are positive (+) terminal. Make sure you complete the process in this sequence, or you may create sparks or an electrical short that could cause damage and harm. After your terminals have been safely removed ensure that the connectors are kept away from one another and take out any clips that hold the battery in place . Then, move it out of the plastic cage. There could be other brackets or bolts to hold the battery in place, so do not push it out.

To install your new battery to fit it, just place it in the cage, then reverse the removal processby connecting the positive first, and then the negative. You must now restart any electrical devices inside the car, such as the clock or information system.

Take care of your car battery:

If you’ve spent a lot of money on a brand-new battery, you’ll want to safeguard your investment. Modern chargers feature sophisticated programs that help maintain the charge level and are particularly beneficial for those who use their vehicle sparingly. Classic automobile owners swear to these chargers.

Smart chargers can alter the flow of electricity into the battery to extend the life of the battery. They are also able to be connected to cars for extended periods and simply replenish the battery gently. This is why they are commonly referred to as trickle chargers. In addition, if your battery is beginning to show indications of dying legs It is possible that one of these items might be worth giving a shot initially. A smart charger can help bring an old battery back to the brink of.


Another great investment is one that is a jumping start package. These are similar to the standard collection of leads that you can connect from your vehicle to an additional vehicle’s battery to help you get started when you’ve left your lights in the dark for a long time such as. However, the difference is that you don’t require a second vehicle service b mercedes.

Simply charge with the start pack, then jump start pack, connect your leads on the appropriate connections on your battery and they’ll supply an extra booster to help get the vehicle up and running. The most effective systems are able to boost petrol vehicles with engines of up to 3.0 Liters of capacity and will give you many starts before charging. These are definitely useful gadgets to have in your car boot.

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