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The worst enemy of your smartphone is heating. Smartphones have big batteries and powerful CPUs inside slim casings, which raises the risk of overheating even during moderate use. Your smartphone has a safe temperature to sustain, whether recharging, inactive, or active in activities, to avoid shorting out, burning, or even exploding.

Internal defects might cause severe issues on occasion, but more often than not, how we handle our smartphones affects how long they live. Whatever the cause, there are some things you can try to help things cool down and prevent it from happening again if your smartphone overheats. In this blog, we have compiled a list of recommendations by Montreal’s cell phone repair experts! Let’s dive right in!

How to Deal With Phone Overheating – Tips By Montreal’s Cell Phone Repair Experts 

Manufacturers advise users to keep their devices within -4 and 113 ℉. Any lower and the device can freeze; any higher and you risk long-term harm. So, if there is a heat wave, do not put it on the dashboard.

Now let’s look at some things you can do if your cell phone is overheating.

Be Careful When Charging

Be careful where you put your smartphone while charging, even though it may seem stupid. Keep your cell phone clutter-free because turning it on will inevitably raise the temperature anyway.  Avoid charging it in bed or burying it beneath covers, books, cushions, or papers. Instead, keep your phone on a flat surface with adequate airflow.

Restart it

Has the temperature on your smartphone risen? (but it’s not so much that can’t be handled)? It should be obvious, but don’t put it in your fridge.  Since the components within your smartphone expand when it heats up, sudden temperature changes can badly harm it. Additionally, placing the phone in extreme cold can cause it to absorb unnecessary moisture. If your smartphone is recharging, unplug it. After that, turn it off and leave it in a cool setting, away from heaters and other heat sources. Remove the phone case before doing so.

Check the Charger for Damage 

Examine the power cord and wall adaptor for damage if you just charged your phone. Is the cord so severely damaged or ripped that the wire within is visible? Use a new one and dispose of the damaged one safely. Even if the adapter appears in perfect condition, ensure the manufacturer is renowned. You should only use the included charger to recharge your smartphone. Ensure the charger was manufactured by Apple or Samsung, or go with a well-known brand if your new Apple or Samsung cell phone didn’t come with one.

Deactivate Unnecessary Applications

The CPU on your phone works really hard to handle GPS navigation, gaming, and other applications. Force-closing the app will give your smartphone a rest and prevent the device from overheating while using apps. Click Background usage limitations under the Battery option. Set inactive applications to sleep.  Under sleeping applications that only sometimes run in the background—and deep sleeping applications that only function when you activate them—you can manually add problematic applications in this category. 

Turn Off Bluetooth

Your smartphone won’t overheat if you switch off Bluetooth, mainly if there is nothing to connect to. The smartphone will continuously search for a device to link to if Bluetooth is turned on. This can lead to overheating. Montreal’s cell phone repair experts suggest keeping Bluetooth and mobile data off unless necessary. 

Keep Your Phone Updated

You must ensure that your applications are running the most recent version and keep your os updated.  Mobile apps consume more RAM if they are not updated. New software and upgrades are released often, and each one raises the minimum hardware requirements for the smartphone to operate smoothly. New software might be difficult for outdated technology to handle, and even routine operations like writing emails can cause your smartphone to overheat.

Visit Your Nearest Cell Phone Repair in Montreal

Are you in Montreal or close by? Do you have an overheating phone? If none of these solutions work for you, you should visit a professional immediately. Take your cell phone to a reputable cell phone repair shop in Montreal, like Mobile Montreal. Their repair technicians will ensure you get your phone back in pristine condition!


Can overheating permanently damage my phone?

Extreme temperatures might significantly impact the internal parts of your smartphone. Data loss or damage can occur when a smartphone becomes too hot, and prolonged heat exposure can irreversibly slow down a phone. Heat can even lead to battery leaking, which could endanger your safety.

How do you know if your phone is heat damaged?

You may realize that your smartphone is not charging as quickly or does not charge at all. The screen could dim or become blank. As the radios go into a low-power mode in high temperatures, it might also affect your phone signal.

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