Technology’s Impact on Theft Crime Investigation and Prosecution

Theft Crime Investigation
Theft Crime Investigation

Technology permeates every element of our activities. Moreover, it has become an essential component of the legal sector. Robots, GPS, and high-tech cameras are all part of the technology used in the criminal court system. Additionally, there are Internet technologies and powerful computing capabilities.

All these technologies make analysis processes easier while improving monitoring and investigation. Nowadays, a majority of officers have mobile data terminals in their vehicles. They use in-car technology to communicate with a centralized dispatch office. Additionally, a mobile data terminal can provide

  • CAD designs
  • Safety data
  • Maps

Furthermore, innovative mobile phone technology is used by some police dispatchers. This involves software for computer-aided dispatching, among others. The custodians or the technicians who handle the evidence use inventory-control systems. They can check property rooms or other secure places thanks to these technologies.

Almost all facets of theft criminal justice now involve the use of computer programs. They connect to various professions, including DNA testing and robotics cameras. Electronics and new technology are becoming more and more prevalent in criminal justice. Their common goal is to improve the effectiveness of the work done in an investigation .

However, there’s a downside to this. Criminals also use these technologies. They misuse technology for immoral purposes.

Nowadays, there is an increasing number of tech-savvy crooks. Thus, criminal justice officials must stay one step ahead in this technological combat. Even with all these cutting-edge technologies, false accusations can arise. In this situation, a theft criminal defense lawyer is crucial. When defending the rights of the accused, a theft crime lawyer must fight hard for their client.

What to Do When Charged With Theft Crime?

Theft crimes are described as the unlawful taking of another person’s property. Shoplifting is the most frequent type of theft crime. Nonetheless, there are many other types of theft crimes, such as

  • Burglary
  • Robbery
  • Embezzlement
  • Identity theft
  • Motor vehicle theft

If you’ve been prosecuted for a theft crime, you should be aware of the responsibilities of a theft crimes lawyer. Your defense in court and the protection of your legal rights will be your lawyer’s responsibility. Moreover, a theft crime lawyer will try to ensure that your case has the most remarkable result possible.

Theft crimes lawyers can assist you in understanding the accusations against you. Furthermore, they create a defense plan if you are pursuing theft charges. 

They can speak with investigators on your behalf to have your charges dropped or reduced. A theft crime lawyer can assist you in looking into plea deals if you face severe punishment, such as jail time. Regardless of the situation, a theft crime lawyer will protect all your rights. A theft crimes lawyer can support you in the following ways:

  • Investigate the claims made against you and compile supporting proof
  • Interview potential witnesses and get them ready to plead in your favor
  • Reveal flaws in the prosecution’s testimonies through cross-examination
  • Negotiate with the prosecution to have the allegations withdrawn or reduced
  • If necessary, represent you in court and work to have the charges against you dropped

7 Glamorous Impacts of Technology on Investigation of Theft Crimes

Technology is advancing, and criminal cleverness is following closely behind. The criminal justice system must install different devices and tools and also keep up with recent technological improvements to combat crime in the digital age.

Modern software, monitoring systems, and other technologies have changed the criminal justice sector. They make it easier to:

  • Capture criminals
  • Improve public safety
  • Save lives

1. Expansive Databases

The successful conclusion of criminal investigations depends on data. On average, the world generates more than 2.5 quintillion bytes of information every day.

Law enforcement agencies use data for various purposes, including:

  • Gathering proof
  • Spotting trends in crime.

There are many methods to aid investigators in conducting criminal investigations. Law enforcement authorities can use large databases that contain:

  • Fingerprints
  • DNA
  • Background data and other data

2. Software for Facial Recognition

Face detection software is a recent technology innovation being used by the criminal justice sector. A database of faces can be searched using technology for facial recognition to identify people in videos or digital photos.

Facial recognition is effective compared to other technologies like fingerprints and retinal scanners.  This technology functions as a speedy and effective verification system.  Using facial recognition instead of entering pins or passcodes is also less work.

3. Systems for Rapid Identification

Rapid identification methods have emerged due to the expanding use of datasets. These technologies make it easy for law enforcement officials. They can use it with simple search tools to discover someone’s criminal past.

Biometrics are used in next-generation identifying systems to support criminal prosecutions. To connect people with their criminal histories, some of the technologies used include the following:

  • Palm prints
  • Fingerprints
  • Facial recognition
  • Iris recognition

These systems are refined and updated to give investigators the most complete and recent information.

4. Using Voice Commands

For most of the day, law enforcement agents are on the road rather than in an office. Investigators have access to a range of practical research and communication technologies. However, it is unsafe to use them while driving. By using voice command technologies, investigators can operate various equipment and activities while driving and carrying out other patrol tasks.

Voice command technology can have different functions depending on the vehicle, but for the most part, they can run a license plate or a police siren hands-free.

Law enforcement officials can now capture information using more innovative tech, which reduces the filing procedure. The RMS (the agency’s records management system) allows investigators to present their notes, which are later recorded.

5. Gunshot Detection

This device uses a web of microphones to identify the distinctive bursting sound made by a pistol before utilizing GPS to pinpoint the sound’s source.

Microphones are positioned across various cities and neighborhoods to record the sounds of gunshots. Cameras can even turn in the direction of the bullets to take pictures of the people involved.

6. Smart Home Technologies

Smart home appliances can record the background noise in a person’s house besides their requests and search history.

As part of their efforts to collect the recordings for use in theft criminal investigations, police have secured subpoenas to try and compel Amazon and other parties. The theft criminal justice system can use tools that make life simpler and safer to look into theft criminal activity. The theft criminal justice system can get recordings or the user’s  history and activities via

  • Security cameras
  • Smart doorbells with video capability
  • Remote support devices

7. Stingrays

These are IMSI (International mobile subscriber identity) catcher devices under the stingray brand. They are also referred to as cell-site simulators. Each mobile has an IMSI, a distinctive number of 15 digits in the SIM card.

By simulating or imitating the most potent nearby cell site, investigators deploy stingrays to pinpoint specific cell phones. Due to the stingray’s powerful signal, the person’s phone communicates with it. The IMSI catcher then keeps the signal link going until investigators locate the unknowing user’s cell phone.

Using such devices is secretive and debatable because a court’s warrant is not required before using one. Moreover, it is uncommon for the person or their theft crime lawyer to be aware that one was used. There is evidence that some of these programs can even capture text messages or chats that need court authorization.


We are unable to picture life today without the necessary technology. Even for theft criminal investigations, integrating current technologies is essential.

Although several technologies are currently in use, they must constantly be upgraded. Technology has been a blessing, but there have also been cases of egregious exploitation of modern technology. Technology significantly impacts theft criminal investigations and prosecutions.

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