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The 5 Best Background Check Software With API

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By offering employers a thorough report on prospects, background check software assists employers in making better recruiting selections. The best background check software offers all necessary screening services, such as identification confirmation, criminal history checks, monitoring, and screening.

This article can help if your company is thinking about employing background check screening software while hiring. The top background check programs and screening services are broken down in the following paragraphs.

What is Background Check Software?

Background checks API offers businesses and applicants pre-employment screening options to guarantee the accuracy of applicants’ claimed backgrounds. Organizations can use the program to organize and streamline the data gathered throughout the screening process for volunteers and new employees. These services frequently conduct background checks for the job, education, credit history, and criminal activity. Some even enable drug tests.

Remember that companies that perform background checks must hold NAPBS accreditation. They be categorized as consumer reporting agencies (CRA) under the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA).

Some companies that offer background checks are not themselves in compliance with laws; instead, they offer integrations or collaborate with third parties who are. However, background check software frequently connects with applicant tracking systems if marketed separately. Background check software is typically provided with a broader suite of core HR solutions (ATS).

Trusted data sharing has genuinely extraordinary potential in essentially all industry verticals. Understanding client needs and utilizing them to further develop administration contributions, increment changes, and distinguish cost-investment funds are only a portion of the benefits that information sharing conveys, whether it’s between divisions or with outside outsiders.

1. Veremark

Veremark is an easy-to-use tool for confirming the qualifications of your current or potential workers. Through this platform, you may anticipate precise results that will assist you in finding the greatest talent for your business.

Veremark’s best feature is that recruiters can customize it for any sector or job. So you can anticipate the ideal platform for your business.

Many internet background checks are available to you, including identification, bankruptcy, credit, civil background, and more. Veremark enables you to make the automated hiring process can be automated. Your workflow may easily use the Veremark API for efficient hiring and screening. Sharing the reports about applicants or workers is simple via a link or PDF. You may access real-time updates about employees using the dashboard.

This background check software is ideal for high-growth startups, mid-sized firms, and even enterprise businesses because it offers a wide range of checks in one package.

2. Checkr

Checkr is a background checking and staffing solution that uses AI. Employers may conduct background checks using this technology, streamlining the hiring process, lowering risks, and boosting productivity. To enhance the applicant experience, Checkr also provides a mobile-friendly candidate portal.

The solution provides connectivity with outside HR and recruiting systems, integrating background checks via APIs into the already-existing systems. Check assists businesses in identifying recruiting trends by providing pertinent insights and real-time dashboards using artificial intelligence and machine learning. Through an online help center and email, the solution is supported.

3. Certn

Certn is a supplier of thorough background checks that uses cutting-edge technology and a committed customer service team to produce results in just a few minutes.

Employers, talent acquisition groups, staffing companies, and property managers can input candidate information and select from more than 15 screening solutions in 200 countries using Certn’s web portal. By utilizing real-time information from more than 200,000 sources, Certn offers thorough reports for local and international criminal background checks, credit reports, education and employment verification, and more.

From fast Softchecks to school and employment verifications to criminal background checks, motor vehicles, and references, Certn offers various screening options. Certn uses proprietary technology (AI + computer vision) and ID specialists to verify an individual’s identification and evaluate whether or not an identity document is genuine. With built-in compliance and dispute resolution, Certn’s screening technology may be easily integrated with pre-existing workflows and ATS systems. The cost of screening with Certn may change based on the type.

4. Good Hire

Businesses may streamline pre-employment background check procedures with the help of GoodHire’s tech-enabled services, which also guarantee compliance with all applicable local, state, federal, and industry requirements. Within GoodHire’s consolidated dashboard, this solution enables HR teams to monitor developments and results in real-time.

Employers can streamline hiring procedures using GoodHire to examine candidate results and get automated alerts on status changes. Candidates can use a self-service online portal to provide the necessary data, e-sign paperwork, access results, obtain assistance with questions, and submit disputes. GoodHire enables companies to automate processes like decision-making, obtaining consent, scheduling drug tests, reporting, and more. Businesses may combine GoodHire with a variety of third-party applicant tracking systems (ATS) and human resource information systems thanks to its application programming interface (API) (HRIS). Pricing is determined by the amount of background checks carried out annually, and help is provided over the phone, in written form, and through other internet tools.

5. Hire Right

Businesses may combine GoodHire with a variety of third-party applicant tracking systems (ATS). Human resource information systems thanks to its application programming interface (API) (HRIS).

Pricing is determined by the amount of background checks carried out annually. And help is provided over the phone, in written form, and through other internet tools.

Several applicant tracking systems (ATS) and HR services, including ADP, Ceridian, Greenhouse, Jobvite, Avature, Click Boarding, IBM Kenexa, myStaffingPro, Lumesse, and others, are also integrated with HireRight’s technology. Based on the criminal data accessed across several areas, it offers three distinct pricing choices.

Bottom line

It’s important to run background checks when recruiting new employees for your business. The recruiting process would be streamlined and made simple for recruiters by the background check software discussed above. This will stop any annoyance and assist you in hiring the best people.

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