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The Difference Between Accountants and Bookkeepers: Is There Any Reason to Choose One?


There are two main positions in small businesses and accounting: a bookkeeper and an accountant. Both positions have their roles, but they often overlap. Depending on your needs, you might need one more than the other. Knowing when and which position to hire will help you run your small business efficiently. This article covers everything you need to know about a bookkeeper vs. an accountant. 

It answers the following questions: What is the difference between an accountant and a bookkeeper in Calgary? Do you need an accountant if you just have limited expendable cash?

What is the difference between an Accountant and a Bookkeeper?

Accountants and bookkeepers are two very different professions specializing in accounting, and bookkeeping, respectively. 

Accountants are responsible for performing an audit and preparing financial statements for businesses. They are hired by clients to review the books, records, and ledgers of an organization to determine whether or not they are accurate and up-to-date. In many cases, they are also responsible for auditing a company’s financial position. 

At the same time, bookkeepers only perform accounting activities and keep the books of a business. They keep all a company’s financial records, including invoices and receipts, cash flow, and how the business is managed. However, accountants and bookkeepers are responsible for completing the same tasks.

Can You Be a Good Accountant without Being a Good Bookkeeper?

No one can be an accountant without being a good bookkeeper. However, it is possible to be a good bookkeeper without joining the accounting profession and becoming an accountant. 

However, being a good accountant is only possible by being a good bookkeeper. If you are a good accountant, you will need to be able to perform basic financial analysis and provide auditing services. More importantly, you will need to have a strong understanding of accounting principles, including cost versus value and the relationship of expenses to revenues.

Do You Need an Accountant If You Have Limited Expendable Cash?

You don’t need one if you have little cash, and your business needs to generate more revenue to hire an accountant. You can often find help online through freelancing or the community. From there, you can determine if you need to hire someone full-time to help you solve your cash flow issues or if you can keep doing what you’re doing and expect things to worsen. If you choose to hire an accountant, consider whether you need one. If you have limited cash in your business, an accountant won’t help you much. There are a few different options, though. 

The Final Word

If you want accounting or bookkeeping services in Calgary, The best advice for hiring an accountant or bookkeeper is to find someone you work well with who can help you with your issues, provide you with business advice, and help grow your business. Depending on your needs, you should hire a solo accountant or an accountant to work in tandem. It’s essential to find the right fit for your business. Both accountants and bookkeepers often have many of the same skills and qualifications. When it comes down to choosing between the two, the most important thing is to find someone who works well with you.

Research accountant firms online.

You can do a lot of research on accountants online. Many accounting firms offer information on their website and social media accounts. You can often find information about the firm’s qualifications and experience and relevant contact information.

Identify Certified Public Accountants (CPA)

Certified Calgary chartered professional accountants are CPAs and must meet specific qualifications to use the designation. This is an important qualification since CPAs must adhere to rules and regulations to maintain their certification. Additionally, the Institute of Public Accountants (IPA) is the organization that certifies CPAs, determining the qualifications. However, not all CPAs are IPA-certified, so check with your accountant.

Prepare Financial Statements and Reports

Financial statements are essential for any business and can be extremely helpful in determining your company’s health. A bookkeeper can help you prepare financial statements, including your balance sheet, income statement, and cash flow statement. They can also prepare reports and other analyses to help you improve your business operations.

Depending on your needs, a bookkeeper can also help you analyze your financial data. They can help you identify trends and patterns in your data, which can be extremely helpful when deciding where to invest your business’s capital. In addition to helping you prepare financial statements and reports, a bookkeeper can also help you analyze your data. They can help you identify trends and patterns in your data to make better decisions.

Check out trade associations and professional organizations.

Many accountants belong to professional organizations, trade associations, and other relevant associations. An accountant may be a member of one of these associations and may be willing to refer clients to you. 

If you aren’t sure about any associations in your area, you can do a quick Google search to see if you can find any relevant groups. These associations can help find local accountants and may also have blogs or other resources that can provide useful information. You can also find out what other accountants say about a professional in your area.

Ask your coworkers or friends.

Many Calgary accountants service providers are willing to refer business owners to their current clients. In addition, you may have a friend or colleague who you know has used an accountant in the past so that you can ask them for referrals. 

Finally, if you don’t have anyone in mind, you can also look for accountant firms near you to widen your search.

Set up an Accounting System for Your Business

A bookkeeper will help you set up an accounting system for your business. This will ensure that all your financial activities are organized and properly recorded. It will also allow you to track what has been sold, what inventory is left, how much you owe for services, and more. Of course, you can set up an accounting system on your own, but it’s a lot more complicated than it needs to be. 

A professional bookkeeper will walk you through the process, making things as simple as possible. You can also ask them to help you set up a QuickBooks system if you’re familiar with the program. Additionally, the bookkeeper can help you choose suitable accounting software. You’ll need a system capable of recording all your financial activities while also allowing you to track inventory and manage budgets.

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