Things That Panera Bread Doesn’t Want You To Know

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The first Panera Bread restaurant opened in 1987. And the fast-food franchise quickly became successful. After more than three decades. You can find more than two thousand of these bakeries. And cafes in 46 different American and Canadian states. What started as a modest 400-square-foot Boston cookie shop is now a global phenomenon responsible for billions in revenue every year. More than 28 million people have signed up for the “healthier” fast food chain’s MyPanera loyalty program. They were, in fact. The largest fast-casual chain in the United States in 2018. As reported by Technomic (via Restaurant Business).

Despite the decline in sales experienced by many fast-food franchises. Panera Bread promo code has found numerous ways to keep up with customer demand and expand revenue. Including offering free Wi-Fi, order kiosks. And a rapidly expanding self-delivery system. Despite offering green passion smoothies, frozen lemonades, delicious coffee-based drinks. And a variety of pastries, the Missouri-based chain appears to have some information it would rather keep under wraps. Panera Bread doesn’t want you to know these things.

Some Of Panera Mac & Cheese May Prepared In A Microwave

Search the internet for “Panera Mac & Cheese” and you’ll find dozens of replicas. People can’t get enough of cheesy pasta, and it’s not just because it’s freshly made. Mac & Cheese, and all of Panera’s pasta, shipped to stores already cooked and packaged in individual portions. The pasta then boiled in the bag or reheated in the microwave before being served. Yum!

Seeing what Blaine Hurst, vice chairman of Panera. Calls an “iconic menu item people continue to celebrate,” boiled in a bag or, worse, microwaved to order, seems counterintuitive. Even more so when you consider. That a single large meal costs around $8 (depending on your location) and even more. If you choose one of the gourmet options. Like BBQ Chicken or Baja Mac & Cheese. Perhaps you could give Panera Bread a run for its money with a fresher. And more affordable version made in your own kitchen using one of the many copycat recipes floating around the internet.

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Panera Green Tea And Lemonade Dispensers Aren’t Cleaned Regularly

The coffee at Panera Bread supposedly changed out every 60 minutes, and the soda machines and drink stations cleaned every night, but the green tea and lemonade machines that dispense the chain’s famous beverages don’t get the same treatment. One Panera worker claims that these dispensers, which kept behind the counter and are only for employee use, are cleaned at most once a month (at least at that employee’s specific location), and describes their unpleasant experience of discovering what they called black mold while cleaning out the dispenser.

If that doesn’t make your stomach turn. The employee’s boss has a reasonable explanation on the sanitary aspect of that mold. “The mold isn’t actually touching the beverage as it. Whether or not that’s true, this former worker still hesitates before placing drink orders, and they still gag whenever the water coolers cleaned. Even if this is the only location with these policies, it’s highly unlikely that they’re the only ones. If you really wanted some green tea, how badly would you take it right now?

A Salad Will Not Come With Gorgonzola

Cheese crumbles are an essential part of any salad, we get it. It’s like having peanut butter without jelly or french fries without ketchup. This makes it all the more challenging to accept the confession of a former employee of Panera.

A purported ex-employee of Panera Bread advised Reddit users to avoid “anything with feta” when asked what to avoid ordering there. This ex-Panera worker apparently had several near-misses with the Gorgonzola pan while thinking it was the feta pan. Gorgonzola, for those who unfamiliar, is a blue-veined cheese made in the Italian style. This ex-employee went on to say that after serving several customers the supposedly Gorgonzola, it discovered that the entire bottom of the feta pan green and blue, indicating that the cheese was moldy and not high-end. Not the kind of thing you want to hear after chowing down on a southwest chile lime or Greek salad at Panera.

Choose A Tasty Treat If Panera Makes A Mistake

Panera Bread has been around for more than three decades. Since it opened its first store in Kirkwood, Missouri, and the company has never wavered from its original promise to find the wrong order, you won’t have that experience.

Panera has a policy in place to make amends for such oversights. Though they don’t make it readily apparent to customers. One Panera customer has provided irrefutable evidence that. If the bakery screws up your order, you are entitled to a free sweet. After the mix-up with his order, he received a free cookie, which he documented on Yelp. A former employee of Panera has confirmed to Spoon University that this is the norm, despite its relative obscurity. If a customer’s order is incorrect, they can get a free dessert by pointing to a sign at the order counter. This sign is small and often overlooked, but alas, it exists.

The former worker claims that the chocolate chip cookie is the standard treatment, but that customers can get whatever bakery item they want if they ask for it. This is just one more detail of the policy that Panera would rather you didn’t know.

Doesn’t Make Their Own Soup

Don’t let the bowl of hot soup fool you; there’s no chef in the kitchen chopping up fresh vegetables and tossing them into a stockpot. The soup you enjoying at Panera Bread today started out as a frozen brick before being warmed up for your spoon. Refinery 29 spoke with ex-employees of Panera Bread who claimed the soup prepared prior to be sold in the restaurant. It’s time to get down to brass tacks before you pull out your pen and start writing a letter to Panera’s customer service department about their claim on fresh, high-quality ingredients.

Someone who used to work at Panera posted on Reddit that the soup made fresh off-site and then frozen into bricks before being shipped to stores. Soups heated in a hot water bath in the back of the store to transform them from their frozen state into ready-to-eat dishes. There’s nothing inherently wrong with this, but despite their assurances of freshness, it’s probably not what you ordered. What do you think of the bread bowl now?

Panera Has Another Menu

In 2013, Panera Bread did a big launch for its power bowls menu, which included six new high protein and low carb meal options like the Power Chicken Hummus Bowl and the Power Steak Lettuce Wraps. These items, however, would not advertised on the menu boards. They were, however, available to customers who were aware of the existence of a “secret menu” and were willing to pay for it.

Secret Menus claims that these lesser-known Panera fare items are still available. If you want something from the secret menu, just ask the cashier.

Considering the company’s stated mission of providing “a menu that doesn’t hide from the people it feeds,” it’s curious that the power menu introduced and then restricted to customers who knew the code question. Strange as it may seem, this is actually a well-kept secret.

Panera’s Menu Isn’t Healthy

Panera Bread’s website uses clean, nutrient-rich, and responsibly raised. Their breakfast menu includes whole grain, egg whites, steel-cut oatmeal, and fruit and vegetable salads. Panera has named one of the healthiest fast food restaurants by Women’s Health and Good Housekeeping, but is it? Their website reveals that customers’ “healthier” options may not be.

Panera Bread’s nutrition information shows a Greek salad has 1180 mg of sodium. This is the only salad with sodium over 1000, but many sandwich options are even higher. Modern caprese on black pepper focaccia has 1740 mg sodium. Bread bowls? The bread bowl french onion has over 2200 mg of sodium and 151 grams of carbs. Dietary guidelines limit Americans to 2300 mg of sodium per day. And most meals include a side, drink, and possibly dessert, which isn’t included in the numbers above. Panera’s healthy messaging suggests they don’t want you to analyze these numbers.

Panera Refills Are Free

Let’s face it—Panera Bread’s free wifi is a great excuse to work or study. You can relax and have another coffee or tea and soda at the self-serve machine while working. If so, watch your drink size.

Panera Bread refills most drinks, including coffee, tea, water, and soda of any size. A former employee told Spoon University that you can save money by ordering a small at the register and refilling your drink as many times as you want if you plan to hang out with your laptop, friends, or music. But we can’t be greedy. Proceed. Your wallet will appreciate the extra trips to the counter.

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