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Top 10 Books You’ll Need To Read To Succeed As A Freelancer


“If you don’t like to read, you haven’t found the right book”


Whether you are a newbie freelancer or a well established one, books are always a great way to learn new skills and upgrade your services and skill set. Books are like a secret trick revealed by the great magicians. The world’s most renowned and established people use it as a way to pass their wisdom.

But every book demands a lot of time and in this busy schedule we have everything but time, so to eliminate the process of trial and error we have curated this list of 10 books that will give you a new perspective. 

So without further ado, let’s start with the top 10 handpicked list of books for freelancers. 

1. Steal Like An Artist

This is a New York Times bestseller book by Austin Kleon. 

First and foremost the artist in the title doesn’t refer to only a painter, musician, thespian, etc. the artist is used in a broader sense to showcase the creative element that is required in any job. 

The author beautifully explains that no work is original and that no person should take the pressure of being 100%original. The rationale behind this statement is simple- no idea comes from nowhere, to get started you have to take inspiration from different people. 

But the author further warns to not be a collector and not a hoarder, which means don’t just take whatever you get first, the idea is to get involved in the process and be selective about the idea that you steal. 

The author has explained more such beautiful ideas in the book and that’s why it is a must read book to get your creative juices flowing. 

2. Company Of One 

Paul Jarvis, a former English cricketer and writer is the author of this book. 

You don’t have to make all the mistakes to learn. A more efficient way is to learn from others mistakes, Paul has explained on such mistake that many businesses commit. 

This mistake might look profitable on the surface but has long term detrimental effects. 

This book uncovers the idea that growth can be detrimental to your business and staying small is the next big thing for businesses. 

The author gives a zoom out view of how staying small can help to earn better profits, maintain satisfied customers, and to maintain a healthy lifestyle for you. Author has simplified some amazing ideas like how to get hired as a freelancer, grow better,not bigger; focus on customer retention and referrals, and not on mass marketing; give importance to autonomy and not ego.

At the end of this book you will get a clarity about how to scale the business- quality or quantity. 

3. The Freelancing Blueprint 

In The Freelance Blueprint, Tyler Ford delves deeply into the secrets of the freelance sector.

He makes an argument against the competitive circle of freelancers competing against one another for $5/hour jobs in the book and offers a strategy that the majority of top-earning freelancers appear to use.

Tyler breaks down the plan for being a top-earning freelancer in 90 days or less into manageable, realistic steps that any freelancer may follow.

The Freelance Blueprint also exhorts everyone to give freelancing a try while providing convincing justifications and solutions for why it’s not as difficult as it may seem. Ford, however, goes into further detail about how to effectively capitalize on those who already possess a specific ability.

A blueprint is like the guiding light to keep you on track. 

4. Stop Thinking Like A Freelancer 

Our book smashes cold, brutal reality in your face like a terrible mistress, in contrast to every other book on this list, which is like a crib that gently guides you into the job.

Nobody is more brutally honest than Liam Veitch when it comes to discussing unpleasant truths and sobering reality checks about freelancing.

Through this book, Stop Thinking Like A Freelancer, Veitch discusses his early struggles as a freelancer, his experiences, and how he eventually rose to the top of the field.

You keep returning to this book because of its priceless advice and teachings on thriving and surviving in the field.

Stop Thinking Like A Freelancer illuminates the gritty realities of freelancing while reawakening your optimism with straightforward advice on how to deal with the negative aspects.

Consider this book if you’re a freelancer who wants to be completely informed of all the possible lows of your job path and be ready to face the situation.

5. Purple Cow 

This book by Seth Godin throws light on how the traditional way of marketing is ineffective, so to grab audiences attention you need a purple cow. 

The remarkable title justifies and sums up the content of the book pretty well. A purple cow is an unheard and unseen concept and that’s why it grabs the attention of the audience who is used to normal brown cows. 

Purple Cow is a fantastic resource for learning about concepts for building a brand surrounding your freelancing business. further to develop a distinct character for your work.

6. Linchpin

Another remarkable book by Stanford University graduate Seth Godinis Linchpin. He is one of the most well-known names in marketing.

Anyone who wants to stand out from the competition and have a distinctive influence through their work, including businesspeople, independent contractors, artists, and employees, ought to read this book. Everyone may be replaced, but you can also be a valuable asset that is challenging to replace, according to the book’s overall thesis.

The word “linchpin” refers to a crucial member of a team, and in order to become one, you must first decide to be indispensable, then fight the urge to produce mediocre work while remaining in your comfort zone, and finally, deliver innovative solutions, solve problems, and establish yourself as a special talent that is challenging to replace.

In other words, enhancing the value of your service. You’ll be urged by this book to break your pattern of poor results and become indispensable at work.

7. Outliers

Read Outliers; it’s worth it. It amuses you, makes you consider the political system, and stimulates your mind. It aids in raising your awareness of your surroundings and the impact that environment and culture have on your chances of success.

Gladwell’s singular point of view challenges readers to reexamine what success, popularity, and intelligence actually mean. The intelligent, entertaining book Outliers challenges readers’ preconceptions and broadens their perspectives.

8. Mastery

This book will totally change the way you think about the freelancing career.

The renowned author Robert Greene disseminated his vast expertise through numerous amazing best-selling novels. Another of them is mastery.

He lays forth a comprehensive plan in Mastery for you to become an expert in your field. He tells tales of some of the most talented people who have ever lived and describes how they developed their talents. and instructs you on how to emulate their achievement by following their lead.

You’ll reevaluate your career and where it’s going after reading this book. It will make some significant adjustments and take significant risks for the better.

9. Get Clients Now!

Sounds like clickbait, but trust me it is worth the attention. 

If you want clients, you must read this book, according to Alex Tamoykin. Get Clients Now’s cookbook format is Alex’s favorite. The book outlines a 28-step marketing plan that will get you customers. Choose the strategies that will work best for you and implement them. 

Additionally, the other best way to find clients is from a freelance platform and start finding work. 

10. The Freedom Figure 

A witty, lighthearted, and truthful book on the ins and outs of the freelancing business, The Freedom Figure.

For instance, Adam begins by delightfully witty and thought-provokingly outlining the causes and effects of the worldwide market change. He uses strange party metaphors to describe it and then veers off into a digression about roasting senior citizens.

But despite all of these amusing antics, what he has to say about business and society makes perfect sense. Although it requires readers to think outside the box, once they do, it’s so obvious that you’ll have a “d’oh!” moment for not having come up with the solution yourself.

Adam expertly gives much more funny information based on his experiences on important issues related to freelancing. The best ways to advertise yourself, how to work for yourself, how to be lucky, and many more topics.

The Freedom Figure is a fun book that demonstrates creative methods for building a life filled with excitement, action, freedom, travel, riches, and fulfilling a job that is more future-proof.

All freelancers should read this book, solely for the information’s combination of humor and thought-provoking insight.

Sakshi Baid works as a Product Associate at – Online Invoice Generator & India’s most powerful platform for freelancer’s growth. She has worked for some renowned companies as a Brand and Digital marketing associate.

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