Ways to stop bleeding from shaving cuts

Ways to stop bleeding from shaving cuts

If you shave regularly, your face will likely get a lot of cuts during this time what should you do if a shaving cut suddenly starts bleeding? You may want to stop the bleeding with tissue papers or seek help from the first aid box. Most shaving cuts are minor and stop bleeding quickly.

It does not matter how carefully you shave. There are many instances when you get a cut on your face while shaving and start bleeding profusely. Some people are quite surprised as to why a simple shaving cut bleeds so much. There are many large blood vessels around your face and chin and even a slight scratch can cause excessive bleeding. If your bleeding does not stop quickly then you can contact the best dermatologist in Karachi.

If you suddenly get a shaving cut you can stop your bleeding by following these helpful tips.

Aftershave lotion:

Many aftershave lotions have the effects of alcohol. Reducing the volume of blood vessels is very useful in preventing blood flow. Further, the alcohol in aftershave lotion cleans the injury and controls the spread of any bacterial disorder.

Ice cubes:

Instead of using hot water from the bathroom sink, hold an ice cube and use it with pressure to your cut. Ice cubes are easily available at home. You can obtain ice cubes from your freezer. So hold some ice cubes and keep them on the cut by using some force. This will support tightening the blood vessels and prevent the blood flow fastly.

Use coffee or tea:

People who regularly consume coffee or tea have significantly lower rates of bleeding from shaving cuts. Coffee is often available at home. applying a pinch of coffee to your wound you can stop the bleeding. Cooled tea bags can be used for this purpose.

Witch-hazel toner:

Witch hazel is a natural ingredient. It plays a vital role in narrowing the blood vessels and preventing bleeding. Its properties soothe your skin after a shave. It does not contain alcohol. If you want to use an alcohol-free ingredient, witch-hazel toner is a good choice for you.

Lip balm:

There is nothing wrong with applying lip balm to your shaving cuts. Apply lip balm to your shaving cuts. This will make a fence that will block the blood from rushing out and will kill the bacteria that attack the wounds and cause infection. After a while, you can also clean out the extra balm. Be very careful when cleaning the balm as the wounds are raw from the inside and take some time to heal completely.

Alum block:

Alum is considered very useful for shaving cuts. Barbers usually use alum after shaving. It is suitable, fast, and adequate for healing the skin right after a shave. Alum is rich in potassium. Soak a piece of it in water and apply it slowly on your skin. It not only supports stopping bleeding, but it also relieves razor burns.

Styptic pen or pencil:

Aluminum sulfate consists of a natural ingredient and is the main element of a styptic pen or pencil. It has blood clotting effects and is important to prevent bleeding from shaving cuts. It is one of the most suitable ways to stop shaving cuts and bleeding.


Deodorant not only gives you a fresh smell but is also effective in stopping bleeding from shaving cuts. Deodorants have aluminum chloride that tightens the blood vessels and controls bleeding. If you get cut during shaving, try to use deodorant.


Aspirin has many interesting benefits and recovering the shaving cut is one of them. You can simply dissolve a tablet in water and make a mixture. Soak a cotton pad and gently apply it to the wound. This will not only recover but also comfort the skin. 


A spoonful of sugar might just be the necessity of the hour. It not only stops bleeding from minor cuts but also kills the bacteria that live around the wounds.


Mouthwash is very effective in stopping bleeding. It compresses the tissues around the wounds and the bleeding stops.

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Over the Counter Medications

There are a few different over the counter medications that can be used to stop bleeding from shaving cuts. Most of these products contain an antiseptic to clean the wound and help prevent infection, as well as a clotting agent to help stop the bleeding. Here are a few of the most popular options:

Styptic pencils: these contain aluminum sulphate, which acts as both an antiseptic and a clotting agent

Styptics: these are usually applied with a cotton swab or clean cloth and help to both clean the wound and stop bleeding

liquids: there are many different liquid styptics on the market that can be applied directly to the cut with a cotton swab

If you’re looking for a natural option, there are also several home remedies that can be used to stop bleeding from shaving cuts. These include:

Apply pressure: this is often the first step in stopping any kind of bleeding, as it helps to close off blood vessels and prevent blood loss

Ice: applying ice to the area can help reduce swelling and pain, as well as help constrict blood vessels and stop bleeding

Whatever method you choose, it’s important to make sure that you’re regularly cleaning your razor and using proper technique when shaving in order to minimize your risk of cuts.

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