What Are the Key Elements of a Successful Brand’s Identity?

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Branding is not an easy job. Your company or product branding should be clear and easy to understand so it can deliver your company’s message to the whole world. And after seeing the branding of your company or the product, the customers could understand what your business is offering and what they are taking. There are a few elements that your marketing team should never forget for successful branding.

But if you feel your branding or marketing team is not doing good, you should hire a brand identity agency Stockport. Branding elements play a key role in developing a brand identity. Your business and how your business communicates with the customers will also affect your social media post-editing, and the fonts also affect the brand identity. We have listed some brand identity elements that will be a game changer for you.

Brand Name:

The first thing about any brand is its name. A name should be easy to remember and understand. It should reflect the services or the product that you are offering. Let’s say you are offering a medical company, and the name should reflect the related field. The name should also be good to distinguish you from your competitors. 

Deciding on a brand name may sound easy, but it has a great impact on your overall progress. For example, Pamper is a famous diaper brand, but we often see when a baby needs to change his diaper, mothers usually say to change the pamper. Pamper is the brand name, but the actual product is the diaper. Similarly, when we need a bandage, we mostly say we need a band-aid, but a band-aid is the brand’s name. The actual product is an adhesive bandage. 

Brand Logo:

Brand logos are very important. They should either reflect the brand name or the niche of your business. These should be communicative and attractive. Logos are used in marketing and promotions. The public can recognise your company by just looking at your brand logo instead of its name. Logos are mostly image based. A small icon, shape or text-based icon.

These should be eye-catching. Today without any hint, we can easily identify logos of Mcdonalds’, Apple, Domino, BMW, Mercedes and many other famous brands and companies. These are also used in the fashion industry and are displayed on jackets and shirts. 

Colour Scheme:

The colour scheme should be unique. Different colours represent different things. You can see a medical company will use a red or blue colour combination, a hospital logo is in red colour, the food industry uses red and yellow mostly, and IT companies use blue mostly blue. A colour scheme is important not only for your graphics but also for the content. If you are using darker background, then make sure the text is in a brighter colour.

If the background and text both are a dark colour, then it will make it illegible. If you are using a black background, you should use bright colours like pink, white, yellow etc.


Sometimes the companies change the spellings a little to make them unique and identifiable. Or in the logo, they make the spelling different to make it eye-catching. Like the subway logo, they change the shape of “s” and “y” a little bit to make it unique. 


Slogans play an important role in showing the mindset of the company. It is not necessary, but if you are using it, it sounds good. These additional and unique branding elements can be used in advertisement and marketing material. Many slogans are stuck in the customers’ heads, and they immediately identify the brand by reading or listening to the slogans. For example, the Goldfish snacks company has the slogan “the snack that smiles back.”

Subway is a famous sandwich restaurant, and its slogan is “Subway, eat fresh.” Cocacola has the slogan “open happiness”, Nike’s “just do it”, Mcdonalds’ “I’m lovin’ it”, and BMW’s “The Ultimate Driving Machine.”

Shapes and Form:

Another important part of brand identity is the shape and variety of things that represent your brand. This simple and effective element can be used to create a name. For example, if your logo includes soft edges and circles, people will react to it differently than a clean, square logo.

Round shapes are used to represent unity and symbolise warm things. Shapes with straight edges show the feeling of strength and efficiency. It also shows trustworthiness and stability. 

In short, the different aspects of your brand come together to make your brand unique. To develop a unique style for your brand, think about what you offer, spend time getting to know your customers, and start designing. All of this shows how you can use other brand features as part of your company’s branding. These diagrams and shapes help identify signs quickly without relying on words.

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