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What happened to Connor murphy?

what happened to connor murphy
what happened to connor murphy

Murphy’s most recent YouTube uploads, however, have caused particular consternation among his fans. RIP Connor Murphy and Connor Murphy’s Final Words both suggest that Connor Murphy has passed away. The pinned comment on the former video even states, “Connor Murphy committed suicide”. However, there are no formal obituaries or other confirmations. In contrast, in the second video, the YouTuber lies back on what appears to be a bed, surrounded by cuddly toys. He half recites, and half sings, an unrecognizable, seemingly cryptic poem or song.

There is no official information about why Connor Murphy, one of the most popular fitness athletes on YouTube, hasn’t been posting videos for a number of months. Various Reddit users have made speculations about the situation, but these assumptions are just speculations from concerned fans who only want to know what’s going on with their favorite YouTuber.

How many followers of Connor Murphy?

Fitness and social media personality Connor Murphy has a huge following online. As of now, he has 2.4 million YouTube subscribers and 450,000 Instagram fans, but his profiles have plateaued and are on the decline. The health of his mental and physical health has become a cause for concern for followers.

Compared to his earlier videos, the type of content he produces has changed drastically. As a result of his flexing in public with his shirt off to posting videos about drinking your own urine, family and friends became very concerned in May 2021 after he uploaded videos entitled ‘RIP Connor Murphy’ and ‘Connor Murphy’s Final Words.’

He was visited by the police multiple times and spent time in a mental hospital to be psychologically evaluated. According to Connor, doctors believe he is either bipolar or suffering from drug-induced psychosis.

The ayahuasca plant

Ayahuasca is a powerful psychedelic and it is illegal in most countries. According to YouTuber Patrick Lyons, Connor consumed it for the first time about two years ago. The drug can cause hallucinations and “ego death,” which explains his erratic behavior. A person’s perception of time and emotions can also be altered by psychedelics, which also affect all of their senses.

Gains lost

His initial claims were that he was taking Ayahuasca for religious purposes. He claimed to have reached a point of enlightenment where he stopped doing funny pranks and began doing mundane ones. His weight loss after 40 days of fasting, which he had done previously. He may have lost muscle due to fasting and Ayahuasca use.

Loss of hair

Murphy initially argued that thinning hair was hereditary. The situation has recently gotten worse, and now everyone is wondering what’s wrong. Connor Murphy may not be getting enough nutrients because he injects toxic substances into his body. Healthy hair requires a specific combination of nutrients, and substance abuse can strip your body of these essentials.

Hair loss and addiction

One of the most noticeable side effects of addiction is hair loss. The hair cycle can be disrupted by drugs like hallucinogens, which stop mitotic activity in the cells or cause premature rest in the follicles. If used for an extended period, it results in noticeable hair loss. Despite his strange behavior over the last year, it seems the old Connor Murphy is coming back. Recent updates on his channel have subscribers excited and hopeful that Connor has recovered from his personal demons. It also looks like his physique has improved, with delts and pecs slowly returning!

Uploads recently

A new course he recently launched shows people how to improve their self-confidence and charisma. The course costs $497 which can be split into two payments of $299 each.

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