What is the Oldest Language in The World?

In ancient times, people used strange gestures and sounds to convey their messages to others. It was a crude form of communication. With time, when people started mingling with each other, they came up with different languages. Old languages were written with old scripts. Globalization resulted in the formation of new languages. However, the aged people gave preferences to their old languages. According to them, their mother tongue could take their legacy forward. Many countries also took initiatives in the preservation of old languages. This is because old languages preserved their civilization and heritage. 

The new generation is learning English because it is a universal language. However, in their homes, they try to speak the language of their ancestors. People of Cultures around the world speak 7139 languages. Out of this number, some languages are popular while others are getting extinct. No matter whether the language is old or new, translation agencies are there to assist people. 

Oldest Languages in the World 

The history of old languages is dated back thousands of years back. Some of the languages got extinct while some languages survived.

Let’s have a look at some of the oldest languages in the world.  


The history of the Hebrew language is dated back to 400 CE. It was preserved as the holy language of Jews from all around the world. Zionism was raised in the 19th and 20th centuries. At that time, the Hebrew language was revived again and become the official language of Israel. The important thing to note about Hebrew is that the Holy book Bible is also in the Hebrew language but the version of the Hebrew language used in the holy testament is different. 

The native language of the Hebrew language is Yiddish. Therefore, these both languages are mutually intelligible. Approximately 9 million people around the world speak this language. Just like Arabic, it is considered a Holy language. Despite being the oldest language in the world, it is survived because of its presence in the holy testament Bible. People that don’t know Hebrew and Arabic take the assistance of Hebrew and Arabic translation services for religious purposes. 


Do you know that Tamil is the only classical language that has survived in the global world? It is the official language of Singapore and Sri Lanka. Moreover, it is also widely spoken in India. The history of Tamil scripts is dated back to the 3rd century BCE. Many different languages are spoken in India. 

Out of these languages, Tamil is the oldest one. Approximately, 78 million people around the world speak Tamil. This language has developed itself with time and at present, it is included in the 20 most spoken languages of the world. This language is derived from the Dravidian language family.  The survey was conducted and it revealed that in 1863, a newspaper was published in the Tamil language. 


Farsi is also one of the oldest languages in the world. People living in Afghanistan, Tajikistan, and Iran speak the Farsi language. The Farsi language that people speak today evolved from the old version of Farsi that was spoken in 8OO CE. The interesting thing about this language is that it has not changed since then. Farsi speakers can take the old scripts from 800 CE and they can read them well.

 Farsi language depicts the culture of Sufism. Around 110 million people around the world speak the Farsi language. Some people think that Farsi is mutually intelligible with Arabic. However, it is not. To understand how integrated Farsi is with Arabic, professional Farsi translation services can be of great help. Farsi literature is renowned around the world. To understand this literature, people take the assistance of Farsi translation services. 


Icelandic is the national language of Iceland. Around 350,000 thousand people around the world speak this old language. It is an Indo-European language that is derived from the North Germanic branch. Many Germanic languages have lost their significance however, the Icelandic language has retained its features. It remained unchanged. This language came into existence when Norse settlers brought with them this language and they came to the country to stay. Although the Danish government also ruled Iceland from the 14th to 20th century they were unable to affect the structure of this language. The written scripts of Icelandic are similar to Old Norse which can be traced from the works of Ari the Learned. 


Arabic is one of the oldest and fifth most spoken languages in the world. Approximately, 313 million people around the world speak this language. 28 countries of the world have given it the status of official language. Arabic is ranked as the 11th oldest language or perhaps the 10th oldest language in the world. 

The older version of Arabic is dated back to the 10th century making it one of the oldest languages. The Holy book of Muslims which is the Quran is also in the Arabic language. Muslims from around the world take the assistance of professional Arabic translation to understand their religious book so that they can act upon it. 

Wrapping Up 

Thousands of languages came into existence when people start migrating from one region to another. Many languages that came into existence died and you don’t find any history of them. The languages which are mentioned above are the oldest in the world. They survived through ages and people still use them. 

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