Where To Get A Fit To Fly Covid Test – A Step-By-Step Guide?

Where To Get A Fit To Fly Covid Test - A Step-By-Step Guide?

The need for fit to fly tests arose with the emergence of Covid-19. Today, every management demands to show fit to fly certificates to cross the gates of any well-known organization. You are also requested to submit your test certificate when you travel to another county. In short, life has become complex without Covid-19 credentials. Therefore, you must know about a platform where you can conveniently get your fit to fly certificate.

Best Online Test-Providing Organization

Fortunately, you are a part of a well-developed era in which technology plays notable roles everywhere. All the test centers are just away from a single click. You can order your test kits from anywhere online. Many online test providers service humanity, but you must find the best one for authorized certificates. A single company approved by the UK and UE governments is the Official Rapid Tests. Their services are flawless and convenient for all their customers.

Fit to Fly Covid Tests from Official Rapid Tests

You can order any fit to fly covid tests from Official Rapid Tests according to your need. If you need more confidence about your covid certificate, you can consult their experts to know which test suits you. They have the options of the following tests;

  1. Fit to Fly Antigen Test for £19.99
  2. Fit to Fly Covid PCR Test for £48

Step-by-step Guide to Book Fit to Fly Test

To book fit to fly covid test from Official Rapid Tests, you need to follow the below steps;

  1. Visit their website and select the test that you want.
  2. Order your kit and pay the bill online.
  3. Receive your kit and run your test.
  4. If it is a Rapid test, send a picture of the testing machine and your passport to Official Rapid Tests to get a Covid-19 certificate. And if it is a PCR test, send the sample in a liquid bottle to the lab and receive your report within 24 hours.

Why Only Official Rapid Tests for Covid Certificates?

In the UK, there are many test centers where you can book your fit to fly covid tests. But Why Official Rapid Tests is best for you? Let’s discuss its specialties.

· Online Access

It is an online website you can reach anytime from your comfort room. All services are online, including booking tests, clearing bills, contacting the support system, etc.

· Reasonable Rates

You will get your kits at affordable rates for whatever test you want. Their testing kits are available between £19 to £49.

· CE-marked and FDA-approved Kits

The certificates are acceptable to different destinations because their kits are CE-labelled and FDA-authorized.

· Multi-buy Availability

If you need to order more than 1 test at a time, you can avail of their Multi-Buy service. Official Rapid Tests can flawlessly give you multiple test certificates at once.

· Complete the Video Guide

If you need to learn how to run your test, you can visit their website to get assistance from their video guide.

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