Top 7 Reasons Why You Should Move Your Business to Shopify

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Shopify has emerged as an exemplary eCommerce development platform for global online retailers and this post highlights some critical advantages of switching to it. Moreover, you will find how innovatively Shopify has revamped its features to allow online retailers to manage and control their eCommerce sites. From managing your customers’ data to sales, and from tracking customer behaviors to customizing functionalities, you get some wonderful features from Shopify development. This information will certainly let you leverage its maximum benefits and attract a wider audience to your stores.

Shopify has constantly evolved as the most coveted eCommerce development platform across the globe. The flexibility and convenience it offers to manage and control online stores is the most cherished aspect among global online retailers. At present, there are over 6,049,441 websites across the globe that use Shopify. Its affordable pricing plans and abundant themes and plugins make it one of the world’s most popular and growing eCommerce platforms. So, if you are planning for an eCommerce development project or looking forward to elevating your store’s performance, Shopify could be the best option. Here are some valid reasons to demonstrate its worthiness.

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Most Cherished reasons to Choose Shopify

  1. Manage your online store from your smartphone
  2. No tech worries – Anyone can set up a store
  3. Loaded with hundreds of themes
  4. SEO & Marketing
  5. Abandoned cart recovery
  6. Reliability
  7. High-level scalability

Final Words

Most cherished reasons to use Shopify

Most online store owners expect user-friendly designs, mobile-friendly features, multiple payment options, unlimited product listings, and flexibility to offer extensive product information. Well, Shopify offers all these basic features & functionalities that you can easily customize according to your brand’s forte. Let’s explore why Shopify stands out from other eCommerce development platforms.

1. Manage your online store from your smartphone

Business owners are usually concerned with establishing a work-life balance because their responsibilities eat into their personal time. You can now easily balance your professional and personal life with the Shopify mobile app that allows online store owners to manage their products, orders, and customers from anywhere with a smartphone. Here’s what you can do with the Shopify app:

  • Manage products in-app
  • Set the features and pricing details of the product
  • Upload the product images from the mobile app
  • Add the products to collections
  • Respond to real-time information or queries
  • Get an instant notification when you receive the order
  • See the live sales or visitor traffic
  • Get in touch with your staff members
  • Process your orders with a few taps
  • View all the conversion details
  • Manage order completion, refund to customers, or archive orders
  • Manage tags and notes

2. No tech worries – Anyone can set up a store

Shopify development is quite straightforward. You don’t need to have extensive technical knowledge to build an eCommerce store on Shopify. By simply going through the setup video guides, interactive tutorials, and extensive documentation available on the Shopify site, anyone can launch an online store in under 15 minutes. It is hard to believe that setting up an online store on the Shopify platform is as simple as creating a blog on WordPress. 

Building a store on Shopify is easy, but the platform also covers everything from coding to server, web hosting, and software updates. This helps you focus all your efforts on the core business activities without worrying about technical issues.

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3. Loaded with hundreds of themes

“First impression is the last impression.” eCommerce businesses should never forget this statement, especially regarding online presence.

When a user visits your website, they first observe your store’s design or appearance. Shopify is loaded with 100+ feature-rich, pleasing, and professional themes, which are developed by creative web designers. You can get most of the themes for free and save hundreds of dollars. However, if you want to stand out from the crowd, we suggest you customize your Shopify store as per your unique requirement. You can do this either by purchasing a high-end theme that matches your brand tone or by hiring an experienced professional to develop a custom theme.

4. SEO & Marketing

It doesn’t matter how appealing your website is; if it fails to get enough traffic, all your hard work and investments may go to waste. This is where Shopify comes in handy with its SEO-friendly features that will help your website rank higher in the SERPs. Besides this, you also get access to many marketing tools for product reviews, social media integration, and email marketing to strengthen your marketing efforts and campaigns. With Shopify, you can create discount coupons and gift codes as well.

5. Abandoned cart recovery

In the year 2021, the shopping cart abandonment rate was 79.8%, and brands incurred a loss of $ 18 billion due to this. With Shopify, you get an abandoned checkout cart recovery service, which automatically finds the emails of those potential customers and sends them a reminder to complete their purchase.

6. Reliability

The best part of choosing Shopify as your eCommerce store development platform is that Shopify servers offer unlimited bandwidth to easily accommodate any spike in traffic you are likely to receive during the festive seasons.

7. High-level scalability

The scalability aspect matters a lot when choosing an eCommerce development platform. With Shopify, you can easily scale along with your growing requirements. Choosing the right package allows online retailers to opt for point-and-click scaling without building architecture or worrying about hosting solutions.

Final Words

With the right Shopify development tools, techniques, and approaches, online retailers can manage their stores efficiently and with greater flexibility and convenience. Shopify has efficiently met the growing requirements of global online retailers, making it the most preferred eCommerce development platform around the globe.

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